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There are multiple ways to participate:


1. Sell Informational Materials from the Catalog of Human Population (Catalog of Human Souls):

If an affiliate (an individual or an organization) sells our materials, then we pay a commission % on EACH ordered material from the Catalog of human population. See the list of available informational materials and pricing at An affiliate/organization accepts all orders and payments from his/her/their clients directly, keeps the agreed commission % and transfers the rest to us. Commission % is established on individual basis; to become an affiliate, please contact us here.

We have almost twenty years of experience selling information from Catalog of human population and, according to statistics, when a person gets some informational material (about himself, his loved ones or about other people) and information on how to control them (that is, after confirming that the Catalog works)—that client comes back to us over and over again. For example, after ordering a description of his individual program, a person will certainly wish to also get descriptions of all 3 of his manipulation modes. This is understandable because any person wants to know exactly how he can be unnoticeably manipulated, wants to stop being a subject of manipulation, and that is only possible when one knows his natural “manipulation modes.” After this, usually a person is finally convinced that we are not deceiving him and really can identify contents of the unconscious sphere of people. So, he orders information about images, by which his individual program and manipulation modes are recorded. Using images people can also get a huge amount of information about themselves and use it in everyday life (which, among other things, saves a huge amount of money on nutritionists, psychologists, coaches, etc.). In addition to information about themselves, our clients usually order information about those people, with whom they are in contact: for ex., in order to build a relationship that they need and that is beneficial to them, or to get some benefits from a person they are interested in, etc. After all, people have family, friends, colleagues, bosses, competitors, etc. (in other words, people with whom they communicate and people from whom they always need something). Therefore, after receiving the first order our clients usually order at least 7-10 materials more. Therefore, usually our affiliates receive commission from each client more than just once or twice.


2.  Organize Presentations & Lectures:

  • Please see the list of available topics and contact us here.


3. Resell HPA Press eBooks via Smashwords Affiliates Steps:

  • Learn about the program and register at Smashwords Affiliates.
  • Search for our ebooks listed here and here.
  • Link to any of our books on Smashwords to earn a referral bonus of up to 30% on every sale.
  • Smashwords allows you to track your sales and takes care of all commission payouts.


4. Resell HPA Press Books, eBooks and AudioBooks via Amazon Associates Steps:

  • Register at Amazon Associates.
  • Search for HPA Press books, ebooks and audiobooks listed here.
  • Create a store or a widget to embed on your existing website or blog (steps on how to do this are available at Amazon Associates).
  • Amazon allows you to track your sales and takes care of all commission payouts.


Compilation of public domain images from Shan Hai Jing (The Collection of Mountains and Seas)
Compilation of public domain images from Shan Hai Jing (The Collection of Mountains and Seas)

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