Catalog Of Human Population (Catalog Of Human Souls)

Human Population Academy: Introduction to Research Discoveries & Laws of Human Nature

Human Population Academy empowers people with knowledge about the laws of human Nature. All information provided is based on proven scientific research by Andrey Davydov and Olga Skorbatyuk. It is based on the discovery of the ancient source of knowledge of human Nature--Shan Hai Jing. Knowledge about the laws of human Nature, your own human subtype program & programs of other human subtypes, guarantees advantage in any environment and survival of the fittest.

Welcome to the Human Population Academy!

Human Population Academy empowers people all over the world with information about the Laws of Human Nature and proven solutions to problems that arise in society. Now you can greatly improve quality of your life in all the factors: physical, intellectual, dietological, sexual, emotional and environmental. Because when one lives in harmony with Nature itself – all processes in that person’s life stabilize and harmonize, opening up new possibilities.