Each human program/manipulation mode consists of 2 parts: “active” and “passive.” The “active” part of a program/manipulation mode describes an active, energetic mode of functioning of a person, and “passive” describes the mode of accumulation of strength, energy (including rest mode). Materials titled Images of Individual (Subtype) Program, Images of Suppressing Manipulation Mode, Images of Balancing Manipulation Mode and Images of Stimulating Manipulation Mode have the same format.


Images of Individual (Subtype) Program of People Born on <month and day> of Common Years

Active of the Program

“…Another 350 li to the west, there is a mountain called Nephrite, there lives (at this place) the Mother of the West (Hsi Wang-mu). There, Hsi Wang-mu’s body resembles a human, has a tail of a snow leopard, fangs of a tiger, but growls happily, has disheveled hair, takes care of prosperity, from there manages five celestial torments, justly executing and torturing. There are animals with bodies that resemble a dog, but with patterns of a snow leopard, with bull-like horns, called—frenetic. Emits a sound like a barking dog—live according to this example and then there will be big sacrifices for prevention of unhappiness in that state. There are birds with bodies like that of a long-tailed pheasant, but red, called skinny due to finding application of self, eats fish, makes sounds similar to copying ones—live according to this example and then there will be a great flood in the state…”


Passive of the Program

“…Another 380 li to the south, there is a mountain called the Mountain of a young woman (huntress) who shoots a bow; there are no grasses, trees; there is a lot of water…”


* In this example, images are provided in two languages: English and Chinese.