Image Of People Born on July 13th of Leap Years (Demo In Chinese)


现在我向大家介绍《人类灵魂目录》的信息。 我就说说闰年7月13日和平年7月14日出生的人。他们是相当令人惊叹的典型形象!

此类型的人是美丽的五彩凤凰,由图案、铭文覆盖。 它的头被覆盖上美德的铭文,它的翅膀覆盖着爱的铭文,背部 -正义的铭文,胸部-人性化的铭文。 而内心-信仰的建立。

这是独立个人的形象。 纯天然的。 形像还有很多。 这是软件上的。 他们是真实的。 每个人都有30个以上的形像。每个都表于出所有人的特点。 了解一个人的形象可以得到任何有关他个人的信息。 根据6个因素:智力,身体,营养,情绪,性,和环境因素。

现在,我们举几个闰年7月13日和平年7月14日出生的男性和女性的一些特点。他们的理念就是乐观主义,这是让自己快乐,摆脱失败、挫折、不幸、困顿的万灵药。他们有能力和准备借鉴其他人生活中积极的方面。他们相信,世界必须给人们带来更多的欢乐。 绝对确信,对生活的热爱,善,美会能战胜一切。他们在仇恨和痛苦面前定是占上风的。从他们的角度来看,只有这一理念可以帮助人类生存和生活得很好。他们试图把任何情况都归入乐观的生命轨迹。 他们的原则是:“保持微笑!”   他们爱有趣的故事,爱有趣的消遣,尤其是和朋友们一起分享。在任何关系中,他们努力确保朋友面带微笑的体会幽默。 他们忠于自己的朋友。 坦率和诚实的人。 甚至如果他们被要求作为上级,要求点什么,他们永远不会使其很难,而总是和蔼。并预期其他人会报以微笑。但他们不是愚蠢的家伙。他们完全明白,周围的世界并不是天堂。 但是,这只是促使他们以创建一个完全不同的世界。世界就是朋友和同道中人。世界是良好的关系,世界是欢乐的诚意,世界是乐观。 他们乐观生活的开头告诉他们,像他们这样善良、诚实的人越多,我们的世界就会越美丽。有这么多的灾难,所以很多人生活很辛苦,烦恼甚至是愤怒。 但他们勇于同任何灾难斗争,也不会停止将世界变成天堂的梦想。


有关《人类灵魂(人类目录)目录》,您可以从“如何将信息写入到人类的心灵?什么是人类计划的形象”的短片中了解。更多信息,请登陆 Human Population Academy 官方网站 –


Image Of People Born on July 13th of Leap Years (Demo In English)

Greetings. We will now introduce you to information from the Catalog of Human Souls. We will tell you about people born on July 13th of leap years. They have a truly surprising archetype! Their archetype is that of the Beautiful Five-Colored Phoenix, covered with ornaments, letters. Its head is covered with sayings of virtue, its wings are covered with letters of love, its back with words of justice and its chest with humanitarian words. And, inside are the writings of faith. This is the archetype of their individual program. Natural. There are many more archetypes. It is software. They are real. Each person has 30 and more archetypes. Each displays all human characteristics. Knowing a person’s archetypes, you can obtain any information about him/her on all 6 factors: intellectual, physical, nutritional, emotional, sexual, and environmental.

Now, here are a few of the qualities of men and women born on July 13th of leap years. They preach a philosophy of optimism, offering themselves as a joyous panacea to cure mishaps, misfortunes, troubles and problems. They are capable and willing to bring the positive into the live of others. They are convinced that the world should be a source of joy. They are absolutely convinced that zest for life, goodness and beauty will win. They will surely prevail over anger and unhappiness. In their view, only this philosophy is capable of helping humanity to survive and the wounds to heal. They will try to put a life-affirming light on any situation. They embody the “Keep smiling!” principle. They love funny stories and fun pastimes, particularly among friends. In any relationship, they seek to ensure that their friends face any events with humor and a smile. They are loyal to their friends. They are open and honest with them. If, even as bosses, they ask for something, they never do so in a harsh manner, but always in a kind and good-natured way. And, they expect their interlocutors to smile in response. However, these people are anything but stupid. They are fully aware that the surrounding world is far from a paradise. And, this only encourages them to create a different world. A world of friends and like-minded persons. A world of friendly relationships, a world of joyful sincerity and optimism. Their life-affirming nature tells them that the more good, honest people there are like them, the better our world will be. There are so many disasters in the world, so many people live very difficult lives, in irritation and even with malice. However, they are bravely battling any catastrophe and never tire of dreaming of the transformation of our Earth into paradise…

You can learn about the Catalog of Human Souls (Catalog of human population) on our website

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