Description Of Men Born On April 28th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on April 28th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“Characteristic traits of a man born on April 28th of common years are aristocratism, politeness and extreme deference. He regards himself, as well as the surrounding world with awe, reverence (it is even possible to say—with admiration). This deference takes many different forms, sometimes a bit hypertrophied and therefore amusing. His demeanor reminds of rulers quite a lot: emperors, kings, mahatmas, in other words— governors, leaders, masters, prophets, major and authoritative politicians. He can also be compared with a diplomat, who was assigned quite a difficult task, or with a person, who works for a very influential official. In principle, it is enough to look closely at the behavior of vice-presidents and assistants to presidents of countries, and then it will become more or less clear how this man behaves.

This person is marked by intelligence, nobleness, correctness and ability to behave in a civilized manner in society. In the sphere of interrelations, this man is cautious and extremely tolerant: he has quite a lenient approach to imprecisions, violations, misconducts of others, to human weaknesses, passions. (Of course, since he himself is a person, who is quite flexible, pleasant in communication—he is not a fan of stubborn, dumb and ignorant people.) If necessary, he is even capable of taking the blame, mistakes of another person upon himself. In general, he has a tendency to take, so to speak, “all the sorrows of the world” upon himself.

Unlike people, who imagine themselves as great and strike an attitude on this account, this man is not in favor of posing himself as an authority or bearer of the truth of all times. He does not seek to stand out, to become an outstanding, unique individual, to mark his name in the history of humanity and in the centuries. He will never, so to speak, overwhelm his opponent or opponents with weighty arguments, proofs of his rightness in order to humiliate them—he does not seek to make public laughing-stocks out of his interlocutors in order to appear as a literate, educated, erudite person against their background.

This person does not need another’s humiliation in order to have a sense of his own self-worth and value. Noble modesty and self-collectedness are also expressed in his speech: for example, it is not characteristic of this man to speak sharply, with disrespect or to use slang. While observing this intellectual, one might think that he is so timid, bashful, and shy that it will not be difficult to offend him. However, it is not so. Behavior specified above (for him it is quite a normal, usual state) does not in any way mean that a man born on April 28th of common years is unable to stand up for himself. For example, despite all of his aristocratic luster, he is capable of yelling and cussing so loudly (what is called “yelling at the top of one’s voice”) during the moments of stress that only, so to speak, penguins at the South Pole will not hear him.

Yes, this person is extremely benevolent towards other people, but, of course, only to those, who are not trying to offend, terrorize him. Those who behave in a civilized, benevolent and proper manner—this person also treats very nicely: he is always ready to respond to their requests, always ready to help. He has a great sense of justness. Also, he is convinced that it is necessary to live correctly, honestly.

This person is a peculiar exemplar of steadfastness, courage, bravery, justice. And, he thinks that it is necessary to fight for these values! Fight anywhere and everywhere! These values specifically must be stood up for. He thinks it is necessary to insist specifically on this model of behavior, and to make such an exemplar out of himself! He thinks that if this gets achieved—happiness, simple human happiness will come, and he will be happy and all those around him will be happy too. Then, people will help each other; for example, help those, who got in trouble. In other words—”kindness and beauty will save the world…” However, this person thinks that in order for this to be the epitome of beauty, ethics, morals, culture—you yourself must be an exemplar of all this.

However, the noble nature of this individual, his deference towards others do not prevent this person from having any less of a deference towards money, gold, treasures, precious stones, or, in other words—wealth. No matter how a man born on April 28th of common years hides his avid character, it is very difficult to do, especially at times when he is literally entirely enveloped in the “gold rush…”


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