Description Of Men Born On April 4th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on April 4th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on April 4th of common years is a person who gains experience all his life. He bases his philosophy of life on experience. He appeals to his experience again and again, and one can often hear him say something like: “I tried this already”, “I went through this and I know…” He considers examples from his personal life experiences as the best arguments to prove his claims, opinions, and attitudes. To him, experience is confirmation of his own professionalism, as well as an opportunity to stand out among, as he thinks, boneheads, and, of course, it helps him feel confident in any situation—”like fish in water.” Therefore, this person shows admirable persistence in gaining life experience. In his youth, when, figuratively speaking, his “trunk” is still practically empty, he experiments actively and, it should be noted, quite freely. For example, in relationships with people he suddenly goes beyond the limits of normal, civilized relations, and he does this in order to see reactions of his opponent or opponents, to see what comes of it. Naturally, the risk is quite high in such a situation, and often reactions that he observes are rather harsh, rough, and sometimes cruel. However, this does not scare or repel him because this man learns rules in this way best of all. For example, the following rule: if you go beyond the limits of interpersonal relationships, you might get in serious trouble. And, once he experiences that firsthand—he learns it very well. Later on, he might use this experience as a tool to make someone lose their temper, provoke rage and as a guide on how to avoid trouble himself. He would, of course, benefit from meeting a good teacher, who would not only help him orient in life, but also would direct him by, for example, praising for good decisions and doing the right thing, and reproaching for actions that are too licentious, incongruous, and inappropriate. In his case, a well-known method of “a carrot and a stick” would give good results—it is more or less safe and does not stop from acquisition of new experiences! Moreover, by experimenting under the guidance of an experienced mentor, this man will be able to one day become a teacher for someone himself and will carefully foster his mentee or mentees. However, as it is known, not everyone is lucky when it comes to teachers. Without a stationary teacher (and, this a role can be fulfilled by parents or a school) this person risks to become a negligent, careless person, who thinks that “life will teach him.” What it will teach him is a different question. However, if he is lucky and meets a caring mentor or teacher, then he might become a highly educated individual, capable of creating something worthwhile and maybe even outstanding like his own method, philosophy, doctrine concerning, for example, educational sphere, or something else… By the way, in the course of acquisition of yet another experience, the end to experimenting comes at that very moment when this person feels that he was able to separate all wheat from the chaff, was able to grasp the essence of this or that object or phenomenon. He has a particularity. If he thinks that he understood the root cause, the basis, the motive, then he immediately loses interest in the area of his study and proclaims that he already grasped everything, knows everything, and understands everything (even if this is far from reality). To a man born on April 4th of common years, the surrounding world is as if divided into two halves: one where experience has already been acquired and that, which so far remains unlearned by him. He perceives the second part of the world—the unlearned—with directness of a child and it attracts him like a magnet, but only until he learns it and can say something like: “I know! Been there, done that!” By the way, in terms of information—there are no uninteresting details for this man: everything is important and everything is interesting. Even conversations that seem empty are part of invaluable experience that he does not forget. This individual is able to demonstrate a truly childlike directness and naivety through his words, voice, intonations and behavior. However, it is necessary to understand that this self-presentation is nothing more than a great tool for a certain kind of cannibalism. Behaving in this way, this man is counting on that people will be more willing to open up to him and be frank. As for cannibalism, in this case it has nothing to do with cannibalism in the literal sense of the word—his main “food” are thoughts of other people, other people’s behavior, reactions, and so on. A man born on April 4th of common years is interested in people in terms of borrowing their lifestyles. Since quite a large number of people exist—this person has no shortage of this kind of “food.” His cannibalism consists of the following: by masterfully opening, figuratively speaking, “gates to another person’s soul,” he learns how and what they live by, slowly finds out the lowdown on them, learns what, so to speak, is in their soul, what they hide, the true motives that underlie their behavior…”

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