Description Of Men Born On April 6th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on April 6th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“It is possible to say that a man born on April 6th of leap years is “on tour” throughout his life, as he has a steady and irresistible need to constantly change places. Most important for him is to always have a possibility to actively move and constantly be “on the road.” This man is a wonderer, who likes to maunder about somewhere endlessly and aimlessly: no matter where, no matter what for. He wants to travel, not to be tied to anyone or anything (for the most part, he is interested only in himself) and not to have any obligations (especially necessities for goal-directed efforts, which any work activity requires).

The main direction of this individual is to lead a purely vacuous way of life, to indulge in a wide variety of pleasures, breaking almost all acceptable norms and common decencies. He is an inveterate tourist, who does not have time to work because he is “always on the go.” Having the philosophy of a gigolo and excellent acting skills coupled with a constant desire, so to speak, “to fall on someone’s tail” or “to tag along,” this person would be happy to live on someone else’s money (woman’s, his own parents’, etc.). From his point of view, life of a gigolo provides him with the most valuable—a possibility to do nothing, not to work, to hang about, to entertain, to muck and walk around, and to do this cheerfully, with impressions and preferably with adventures.

This man is hungry for any kind of adventure, entertainment, including ones with a criminal bent. He likes and constantly looks for extreme situations and really needs them to always be present in his life. Therefore, once a man born on April 6th of leap years finally finds “something interesting” from his point of view, then he gets involved in this situation without giving in much thought, “as if accidentally.” If, from his point of view, there is nothing interesting expected “on the horizon,” then this person will create an extreme situation with his own hands, so to speak. First of all, individual personality traits of this man (such as an extremely quick temper, plain arrogance, haughtiness, pride and presumptuousness) allow him to quite easily create situations, in which he would have desired troubles. Secondly, he is a skillful provocateur: to irrelevantly fool about, to play a joke on someone supposedly not out of spite, to be rude with pleasure or to openly make fun of others—all this is not a problem for him and even brings him joy (especially considering his highly pronounced sadistic tendencies). And thirdly, by nature this person is a fighter, who always picks up a gauntlet thrown to him, will never miss a single provocation from the environment and will immediately and gladly respond to any one of them.

The range of possible troubles (extreme situations), which are consequences of actions of considered individual, can be quite wide: from a banal drunk-fight, a black eye and a knocked out tooth, to bloody knifing, holding by law enforcement officials, a night in jail and a criminal record. By the way, unlike other people it is not a problem for him, for example, to spend a night in such place. Moreover, attracting the attention of police officers in itself is often quite a permissible (and sometimes desirable) part of the overall “entertainment program” for him, which can occur in the following way: he got drunk—got into a fight—served time. He can be held in jail or arrested as many times as necessary—this is just what he wants. This is his life; to him it is normal and is just another entertainment. From the point of view of this person, this is the meaning of “cool,” a good time, fun “to the max.”

This man has pronounced criminal tendencies and a pronounced antisocial orientation. He is a reckless “highwayman,” who is able to create “lawlessness” wherever he appears. He is a natural bandit with a knobstick under his jacket, and who is constantly in search of places and people that can be used for his gain. In other words, he actively looks for an opportunity to profit at the expense of others. Having absolutely no desire to work, to earn money “by the sweat of his brow,” he is a big fan of taking what he needs from the environment “for free”—by deceit or force. If this individual chooses crime as his main way of life, then he will not care how, in what form and in what area to realize his criminal tendencies. A man born on April 6th of leap years likes absolutely all types of criminal activities: stealing, various types of fraud, hooliganism, brigandage, murder, etc…”

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