Description Of Women Born On April 23rd Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on April 23rd of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“One of the characteristic traits of a woman born on April 23rd of leap years is that her qualities coincide with the traditional understanding of the word “woman”: soft, flexible, weak, defenseless. That is—at least, if you look at her, so to speak, “from the facade.” She is ready to be a woman always, everywhere and in everything: to engage in traditional female tasks (she makes a clear distinction between female and male tasks), to get married as it is prescribed to a woman, to become a mother and a homemaker, and to do needlework. Housework, upbringing of children, traditional female roles, typical female chatter with girlfriends until late night and similar things—all this is about her. However, this woman also has well defined specific characteristics. Оne of them is the use of clichés, as peculiar pouring of her true essence into some form with transitions from one cliché to another. In this sense, this woman is a multi-tasking operator: first she is a maid, then a servant, then a homemaker, then a wife faithfully looking into her spouse’s mouth, then a strict, decisive, stern businesswoman, then a gentle lover, and then a philandering hetaera. Her guises change depending on a situation and goals: a shaman, a lady, a matchmaker, a priestess, a goddess, a queen, a schoolgirl, a clown, a nun, an actress, an amazon, a commander, a beggar, a tradeswoman, a spy… In short, the range is great, and she is a wonderful simulator!

By nature, she has a talent for transformations and has a huge number of roles that she can use. And, every time she is different in each new role. Is it necessary to appear poor and unfortunate? No problem! Is there a need to appear as innocent as a lamb? There is nothing easier! For example, she can masterfully play a role of an unpretentious, simple woman with wild flowers in her hair, who, while floating down a river on a row boat with a suitor, tells him about the beauty of simple country life. Or, she can act as a religious person, who broadcasts with a trembling voice about holiness, hermits, coziness and calmness of the soul, and a silent, peaceful, and calm life. However, all this will be simply discourses in order to please someone. Since, for example, to this most “simple, country” woman a straw mattress, hens in the yard, a husband-farmer, cheap necklace made of glass beads as a wedding present, a countryside log-house smelling of strange medicinal herbs that are hanging in the corners—are actually completely unacceptable. Despite all of her declarations about simplicity, she does not like any simple, cheap, poor quality products—they repel her. Insects (an inevitable part of country life) alone are enough! And, what about simple countryside log-houses with carved architraves? What about a greasy suitor, who goes on date with her in a dirty jacket smeared with oil and brings a bottle of vodka instead of flowers? What about mooing, with which simple semiliterate villagers replace speech? And, what about conversations that are catastrophically primitive? From the point of view of the considered person, all of the above can be summed up in one word—a nightmare. If she is not lucky in life, and will be forced to live or even spend her whole life in such conditions, then this can easily cause her to have a serious conflict with reality to the point of illnesses. Since, in a similar environment she feels that she is becoming dull slowly, but inevitably, and, in her opinion, that is unhealthy. So, “a woman with wild flowers in her hair” is just one of many examples of those uncountable roles, which a woman born on April 23rd of leap years can impersonate, but no more than that.

It is necessary to note that behind a weak, fragile, graceful lady hides a solid, goal-oriented individual with a firm intent to achieve her goals. In the process of movement toward realization of the conceived, this woman tends to use all chances, and if there are none, then she will create them. She is capable of, so to speak, passing through closed doors and involving anyone, who can somehow help her. This penetrative ability especially manifests when her goals are glory and fame (even though she is inclined to declare that she does not need fame). She is a very pushy woman, and, with all of her femininity, she knows how to insist on her own way gently, but persistently.

Especially during the first half of her life, in her youth, this woman differs in that she thinks that everything that she does is in the name of a good cause. As she thinks, her actions are always motivated by kindest intentions. However, the kindness of this woman is peculiar. For example, in a conversation with someone she shares information that she considered necessary for her interlocutor, and, as a result, he gets a strong psychological trauma, curses everything in this world and says: “It would be better if I didn’t know all this!” Or, an opposite situation: someone urgently needs information that this woman has, but she thinks that it is better not to say anything, allegedly this way will be better for this person. The result is that that person remained without information that is important to him. Or, she might “kindly” suggest to a very heavy-set girlfriend to take up running with the goal of becoming healthy. The girlfriend follows the advice, goes jogging and gets a heart attack! Or, out of “best intentions,” a woman born on April 23rd of leap years might organize a cheerful party for the elderly with alcohol and dancing…”

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