Description Of Women Born On April 25th Of Common Years (Or April 24th Of Leap Years) From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on April 25th of common years from the Catalog of human population. A complete description consists of 30 to 50+ pages of text. Contact us to purchase. Pricing is available here.


“One of the characteristics of a person who was born on April 25th is that her qualities coincide with the traditional understanding of a word ‘woman’: soft, flexible, weak, and defenseless (at least at first glance). She is ready to be a woman always, everywhere and in everything: to engage in traditional female tasks (she precisely divides all tasks into male or female ones), to marry, to sow, to become a mother, a mistress of the house; housework, children, traditional female roles, typical female chatter with girlfriends late at night, etc.—that is her. However, this woman still has quite defined and specific peculiarities. And, one of them is the use of female clichés, as original injection of her true essence into any form, transitions from one cliché to another. In this sense, this woman wears multiple hats: one day she is a maid; the next day a servant; the next, a housewife; then a wife, who faithfully looks into her spouse’s mouth; the next day she is a strict, decisive, stern businesswoman; then a gentle mistress; and so on.

Her masks change depending on situation and goal. Their range is great: a shaman, a matchmaker, a priestess, a goddess, a queen, a schoolgirl, a clown, a nun, an actress, a commander, a beggar, a businesswoman, a spy, etc. And, an April 25th born woman is a remarkable imitator! By nature, she has a talent for transformations, and has a huge quantity of roles she can fulfill. In each new role, she is different every time. It is necessary to pretend to be poor and unfortunate? No problem! To appear as innocent as a lamb? There is nothing easier! For example, she can master a role of an unpretentious, simple woman, with flowers in her hair, while canoeing with a gentleman and telling him about a perfectly simple rural life. Or she can be a religious person, with a trembling voice, talk about sanctity, eremites, coziness and calmness of the soul, a silent, peaceful, and quiet life. However, it will all be only a show because for this supposedly “simple, rural” woman, a straw mattress, hens in the yard, a husband who is a truck driver, cheap glass beads for a wedding necklace, or a log house that smells of strange weeds and plants—are actually completely unacceptable.

Despite all of her declarations about simplicity, she does not like all the simple, cheap, poor quality products. Just insects alone, which are an indispensable attribute of rural life, are a great turn off! So are carved log houses, uneducated people, simple talk, and greasy gentlemen, who would go out on a date with her in dirty jackets smeared with oil, and bring bottles of vodka instead of flowers. From the point of view of a person born on April 25th, all of this can be described in one word—a nightmare. If she has no luck and lives all of her life in similar conditions, this can easily cause a serious conflict with reality, and lead to psychological issues and other health problems for this woman. In such an environment she feels that slowly, but inevitably she becomes dull, and in her opinion—that is unhealthy. So, “a girl with flowers in her hair” is just one of many examples of those uncountable roles which she can play.

It is necessary to note that behind a weak, fragile, graceful woman hides an individual with solid goals and intent of achieving them. Her goals can include anything from marriage to a rich salesman to a breathtaking acting career, or becoming a singer, a physician, a chemist, and so on. And, if she sets a goal it is possible not to doubt that she will overcome all obstacles on her way. Throughout the realization process, this woman will use all chances, and if they are unavailable, she will create them. She is capable of “passing through closed doors,” so to speak, and involving anyone, who can somehow help her. This ability especially manifests when the purpose is glory and popularity, even though she declares that they are not necessary for her.

With all her femininity, this highly energetic woman is able to softly, but persistently insist on things, and especially in the first half of her life. While she is young, she differs by that she thinks that everything that she does is good. She thinks that motivations behind her actions are always the most kind. However, the kindness of this woman is original. For example, in a conversation with someone she shares the information that she believes is necessary for the other person. And, as a result that person receives a strong psychological trauma, swears and says: “It would be better if I did not know all this!” Or an opposite situation: someone really needs information that she has, but she decides that hiding it supposedly will be better for this person. As a result: the person remains without information that is important to him. Or, she might “kindly suggest” to a heavy-set girlfriend, to start running with the purpose of physical improvement. The girlfriend that follows the advice might go jogging and suffer a heart attack! Also, out of “best intentions,” this woman can organize a cheerful party with alcohol and dancing for senior people, for whom such entertainment has many unpleasant and rather dangerous consequences.

An April 25th born woman tends to persuade people, or tries to be near someone, to run after them, or to forcefully entertain a person who obviously wishes to be left alone. Despite the fact that her kind intentions are not always so kind to the one at whom they are directed—she feels like the benefactor. Her “kindness of the soul,” desire to do goodness can easily be used by opponents, who are more experienced in communication processes.

Also, it is necessary to note that being an actress at heart and spending all her life in transitions from one role to another, in her aspiration to do goodness this woman can become someone’s mistress, participate in voluntary performances or sports, become a waitress, etc. However, the motivation of a person who was born on April 25th to respond with goodness to all external stimuli applies only to the early stage of her adulthood…”


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