Description Of Women Born On April 9th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on April 9th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on April 9th of leap years can be compared with the biblical Buridan’s donkey, which could not choose between two haystacks one that could satisfy his hunger, and eventually died from hunger directly between them. This woman is in “the skin” of said character throughout her life. Moreover, the considered person is not so much a victim of some circumstances that involve a torturous choice—she regularly creates these circumstances in her life herself. For example, once she meets a man and marries him, she will surely find herself another man, as if “to have a set.” This creates an impression that she does all this in order to be torn between them, to walk between them in a figure eight, or, as it is called, “to dance together” once she ensures that all three participants become personally acquainted.

Actually, a woman born on April 9th of leap years is inclined to organize dual situations around herself throughout her life in order to connect both “angles” with herself like a hypotenuse. This is exactly why someone or something equivalent in a single copy is not able to satisfy this woman. After all, what will she then tormentingly choose from? Who will she connect?! Being a great intrigante and conspirator, this woman literally knocks together heads of people, whom she wants to connect. This is exactly what will happen in every case with two men, as well as in all other situations. At the same time, it always seems to her that this happened as if by accident. In reality, it is simply her secret desire. And, this means that she will not be able to act in a different way. At work, with relatives, friends, business partners—she constantly “drains” them information about each other. This information is hard-hitting. Therefore, the finale is always the same.

Since this woman also secretly, but with enthusiasm constantly organizes tantamount polarities, selecting them in the form of two equal, equally important (needed, high-quality, loved, desired) magnitudes—there will always be not just single tandem “husband-lover” in her life, but also many other doublets. For example, she will create a doublet “apartment-country house” specifically in order to constantly ask herself questions, answer them, and, most importantly, to have the possibility for long and torturous rushing from one to another: “Where to make repairs first? For which place should I buy furniture first? Where to spend the weekend?” This person might get two cars in order to think hard every morning, afternoon, evening and night: “Which car should I use? Which car to take to a car-wash first? On which car should I change tires first?” This woman will also be sure to duplicate clothes, in order to be able to “jump” out of one outfit into another before leaving home. She will buy two nearly identical dresses and will think for hours: “Should I wear this one or that one today? That one or this one?” It is important to understand that such “torments,” which seem as such to an observer, are not at all torments for considered individual. This is a normal typical situation for this individual, which is necessary for her in order to let passions out. The thing is that presence of many doublets, as a reason for making a choice and connections, cause incredible passions in this person, and then they are let out. In the end, this leads her to a pleasant state of emptiness, satisfaction and great pleasure.

This woman is an eternal victim of constant languish, uncontrolled desires, which literally cause stagnation in her eyes. Since all this happens on a subconscious level, usually she does not at all realize what is actually happening. This person simply feels that she wants this and that equally. The only thing that she is able to pinpoint in her mind is a strong need: “I want very much!” In this sense, she reminds of a kettle with a whistle that is starting to boil, quietly at first, then begins to whistle, and at some point starts to jump up, splashing water in all directions and looks as if it is about to take off like a rocket. It is the same in her case. A woman born on April 9th of leap years tormentingly chooses, doubts for a while when trying to decide on something, infinitely reviews options, but then the boiling point becomes critical, and a toggle switch becomes activated in her mind: “That’s it, I can’t anymore!” In this state, she gets off the mark, ready to do anything in order to satisfy her need to urgently eat something, meet with someone, carry out a number of actions…”

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