Description Of Women Born On August 1st Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on August 1st of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“First of all, a woman born on August 1st of common years is a manager, a boss; whether she is an official or a leader in some interpersonal relationship—her nature is that of an executive officer or of an ensign on parade ground. However, she is a peculiar ensign, who dictates with a gentle smile, а kind and friendly expression on her face. This is the way in which this person realizes this function: namely, tells others what they need to do and how they must behave. Another peculiarity of her dictate is that she bases it on modern trends and methods; meaning, on that what is topical, issues of the day. For example, if she lived under the Stalin’s regime, then calmly, kindly, and quietly she would sign orders for execution by shooting, while furiously preaching humanism during the breaks. In the modern times, she can act as an affable manager with a gentle smile, who in a civilized manner, but firmly reminds her subordinates that “According to your official duties (rules, standards, regulations, norms, etc.) in our organization (family, country, etc.) you must…” And, she will persistently demand compliance. This woman has an extensive toolkit to help achieve that what is prescribed. For example, by nature she has a unique ability to force her opponents to escapades, extravagant deeds and emotional drama at her sole discretion. She can provoke anxiety, agitation, doubt, suspicion and so on, depending on her own objectives in relation to a person (or people), and this quality of hers can significantly encourage them to satisfy her demands. There is no doubt that this woman can bent her colleagues (and even more so her subordinates) to her will with her instructions, and she will do all this with kindness, politeness and a radiant smile on her face. She has a habit of interfering in everything rather rudely, but she does it with an innocent face of a Fairy with Turquoise Hair (a character from the book titled The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi).

In every respect this woman can be called sharp-eyed because she notices everything around her; she sees everything and successfully uses her vision. A woman born on August 1st of common years knows how to monitor internal states of other people very well and notices any changes in her opponents. Also, she can track any trends in social life, whether it is the musical sphere, the intellectual sphere, fashion trends, etc. She does not miss the smallest details. Her vocation, her talent is to be aware of all events, all intrigues, relationships, all the ins and outs. This is her personal peculiarity, which often turns into professional, and essentially, this is her “bread and butter.” She can become a good psychologist since she has the ability to notice subtle nuances in another person, as well as all shades of character and mood of a person at a given time.

Some of the areas of close attention of this person are traditions, customs, manners, style, appearance, and rumors about who said what, who did what. She is a person, who picks up on everything mentioned above very well and then acts strictly in accordance with a particular factor. For example, during a trip to a Muslim country, she will not wear a short skirt, or a dress that barely covers her buttocks, or a blouse that is too revealing. If she decides to visit a Christian church, then regardless of her opinion on Christianity she will surely cover her head with a scarf, as it is custom. Using exactly the same principle she will try to take into account customs, traditions of any national group, social class, religious movement, and so on. In short, she behaves ritualized. This quality significantly helps her fit into any proposed style most successfully. (By the way, in addition to her ability to adapt well to a variety of situations and traditions, she can also adapt well to a particular geographical area—acclimatization period always goes quickly and smoothly.)

Also, a woman born on August 1st of common years has amazing many faces. The system of social masks is an ordinary, normal way of life for her. It is not a problem for her to draw on her face traditional elements of relationships or any expressions (for example: religious obedience, daughter’s love, compassion, involvement, kindness, joy or wild passion). She is, so to speak, a face professional, or rather a dissembler…

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