Description Of Women Born On August 10th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on August 10th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on August 10th of leap years has a self-sentiment of a lawmaker, who is not only ready to, but also is obligated to regularize the world by defining some form for everything and everyone—the form of her laws. She thinks that peace, law and order should be present everywhere; otherwise the society will collapse like a house of cards. After all, she thinks that everything is subject to laws, many of which get created by people themselves (in addition to the laws of nature). And, since the world is ruled not by god, but by law, then she is the one who can and must give the law to this world. She wants to be the sole author of all laws and all amendments to these laws. It is for this reason that her entire life this woman is in a state of continuous formation of herself and the environment. And, she really is capable of “creating the climate” wherever she is: among colleagues at work, among friends and family, at a party, etc. However, as the saying goes, “the law is like an axle: you can turn it whichever way you please if you give it plenty of grease.”  Her creations have to be at such a high level that in the vaults of her laws, as in the Jewish Torah, there would be answers to everyone’s questions and there would be recipes for all occasions. She thinks that then people’s lives will finally be on track (naturally, the track that is necessary to her personally). However, you have to hand it to her: having such self-sentiment this woman understands the responsibility that comes with the status of a lawmaker that she claims. She is aware of the fact that such serious things do not get pulled from out of nowhere. Therefore, prior to creating and enforcing common laws she seeks to thoroughly understand some fundamental, basic things herself. Realizing that first she herself needs to find complete and truthful answers to all thinkable and unthinkable questions, she starts searching for these answers. She strives to do everything in order to have the most complete information about everything at her disposal: about herself, about other people, about the world. Quite rightly she thinks that then and only then she can present herself as the information bureau, create any laws—from rules of conduct in an elevator to laws of the European Union or global laws.

It is vital for a woman born on August 10th of leap years to know what she will be doing today, tomorrow, next year, and so on. She must know who to rely on, what to do and how to do it—in other words, where and with whom to sail. The meaning of life, its order, its essence are present and very clear for the considered individual. By and large, this woman is not interested in the question of who to be or what to do in this life because that is secondary. First of all, she is concerned with global issues like: what is her purpose in life as a human being? What is the basis and essence of her personal existence? Since, as the considered individual correctly understands, it is only after she finds answers to questions of this level that she will be able to understand in what form to live and to function, as well as how to support this form, which is no less important. However, where to find answers to questions of such a high level in modern culture? There is a huge variety of so-called “life recipes” around any one of us, but how to understand which one by Nature belongs only to you? That is the difficulty! Due to the lack of specific and reliable information, in order to find and choose the shape of her life she tries to understand what for everything that surrounds her exists on her own; for example: power, money, marriage, work, friends, and everything else… She struggles to understand the essence of any form with which she comes in contact on a daily basis—whether it is her body, a tree in her garden, her shoes or her car. She seeks to understand due to what, why and what for there are cultural traditions, types of civilizations and other objects of reality that are larger scale than she and her everyday life. What is their trunk, so to speak, due to which all this grows and blooms? She thinks that everything in life should have specific, clear, obvious algorithms; moreover, they should be calculable. After all, it is much safer, much more comfortable and convenient to live in a world where everything is clear, a world where there is not a single unknown component. Such life attracts her much more than the prospect of wandering around in the dark, not having any idea why and what for things happen, not knowing what to rely on and start from or on which foundation to build what she wants to build. However, once she receives information, structures it, so to speak, puts everything in the world on shelves, in files and folders, then she thinks that she can act freely in any direction, in any social stratum. And, despite that the path that she follows is difficult and thorny—there is no other way for her. This woman cannot live happily without having a clear idea of the route of her life; she needs to know where she is going and why. Moreover, she also needs this clear knowledge and understanding in order to indicate the direction to other people. Then, having knowledge about life, how the world and people function, she will be able to realize all of her plans, become a luminary and a beacon, a guiding star. She thinks that once her own life and lives of others become clear to her (with all the ins and outs, external rituals, internal mutual influences, and relationships), then she can feel confident and comfortable. Only then she can consider herself wise, talented, and absolutely perfect; at least because she was able to achieve such a degree of understanding. In addition, this individual suspects that if she finds the needed information and achieves the necessary clarity in understanding of life, then she can start fully ignoring public interests for the sake of her own peace of mind, prosperity and well-being. And, a woman born on August 10th of leap years is right about this. Using knowledge about the world and civilized forms of communication (available to her due to her personal qualities) this woman strives only for one thing: to usurp the initiative in society and, as a result, become the master of a maximally large public space…”

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