Description Of Women Born On August 2nd Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on August 2nd of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on August 2nd of common years is not inclined to multitask. This person does everything in order. On the other hand, she does not at all understand what is meant by ‘limits’ or ‘bounds’, and it is possible to say that she does not have a clear sense of what words like ‘enough’ and ‘sufficient’ mean. Also, she has a tendency to get completely absorbed by a task. Yet on the other hand, she divides all activities into segments and operates using a step-by-step principle. It is useless to try to tear her away from the task that she is into and it is better to not try to do that because her reaction can be rather aggressive. It is easier to ask her at what time she will be done and usually this woman will answer because she accurately plans her time for any tasks. No matter if she reached a result or not—she stops doing things exactly by the clock. If for some reason she did not allocate time, for example, for a conversation, then her interlocutors will feel like it lasts for eternity because she will speak, speak, and speak, having forgotten the topic of the conversation and what it began with.

By the way, during conversations she is capable of flirting masterfully. And, if she lights a candle, then it is possible to say with confidence that the topic of the conversation will be changed to philosophy, religion, ethics, and so on. For example, being swept away by Buddhism, she can argue about karma, destiny and the Wheel of Samsara indefinitely. The truth is that at some point it will turn out that, in her opinion, this wheel exists only while she herself exists. This happens because the feeling of greatness, imagining herself as the axis around which the world rotates is inherent in this woman. Convinced that she is the center of the universe and everything depends on her, not only does she consider herself to be the wheel, but also thinks that she is the main spoke in this wheel.

However, it is absolutely useless to try to judge this woman, as she is her own judge and any opponent is considered to be a complete idiot. Convinced that she is the most ingenious of all living beings on earth, this person believes that her statements are always wise, opinions are proved and proofs are convincing.

This person likes to talk about principles, duty, and orderliness; however, that does not prevent her from reserving the right to break any rules and any principles herself. Similar infringements are used as one of the ways to stand out from the “grey mass of people.” This woman is capable of behaving absolutely immorally and indecently, but that does not prevent her from terrorizing other people about ethics. And, after that, she declares that it is not necessary to argue with her since she is the only one, who knows and understands everything that occurs and is the only one, who sees right through everyone.

A woman born on August 2nd of common years is a big expert in the question of how to spend all money completely. She does not restrict herself in anything. With her love for gambling and luxury in everything—it is not difficult to spend money. There is also her ineradicable desire to participate in wild parties that will be remembered. However, quite often these parties do not end well. Sometimes they can deviate away from the law. However, this does not frighten her because the most important thing for her is to appear as a cool girl.

After such carnivals, this woman begins her healing process. Here again she connects pleasant with useful by going to doctors of both traditional and non-traditional medicine. After that, she counts the remaining money. When she is convinced that she is wasting time in vain in search of money, she comes to an unfavorable conclusion that time to work has come. Whining and gasping, accusing evil fate and declaring herself a victim of circumstances she starts working. However, the goal is not to make a heroic labor deed, but the desire to earn as much money as possible in order to party hard yet again.

As far as juicy details in regard to sex life of a woman born on August 2nd of common years–this woman is absolutely boundless. For example, in the art of seduction she is capable of putting on any appearance that is pleasant to the one she chose. And, even cling-fish can envy her persistence. Plus, her thorough knowledge of sexual techniques and love for sex in water make her a sex-pirate going on board. By the way, at the moment of orgasm she can shout out loudly, notifying of full victory over the captured opponent. After sex with her, men feel as if they were “raped” for many hours, by many women at once. It is necessary to note that she never forgets about condoms and they can always be found in her purse.

Sadism and masochism are this woman’s favorite forms of entertainment. It is very easy for her to make hell out of any person’s life. This woman masterfully finds vulnerable points and presses on them absolutely ruthlessly, forcing people to, so to speak, climb up the walls from anger. And, if there is nobody to mock, this woman starts to exhaust herself. Only her upbringing can rescue her. Having taken on the philosophy of her mentors as a vital basis, this woman considers it to be her own forever. Steadily and persistently she does not wish to change. Two personality halves remain present in a woman born on August 2nd of common years for a very long time: her mentors and she herself, as an absolutely boundless, limitless person…”

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