Description Of Women Born On August 28th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on August 28th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on August 28th of leap years aspires to occupy the number one position in society. As she moves towards her dream, she goes not pay attention to authorities or social positions of her opponents. There are serious claims that she is worthy of the palm of superiority due to her exclusivity. She looks as if she belonged to the elite from the beginning. She behaves arrogantly, puts on airs, and cocks her nose: “I am the smartest, I know everything and I know how to do everything!” At any age, whether in childhood or in her youth, she looks like a person, who is endowed with wisdom of old age. She is convinced that nature endowed her with abilities of an unusually talented person, to some degree even superhuman abilities. For the most part this is true, but in potential. She really can make full use of her talents.

This woman might try to self-realize in one field or in several fields at the same time. She is able to concurrently sing, dance, write a dissertation and master the art of hairdressing, for example. If the goal will be selected at the right time, then she will be able to achieve impressive results: a Ph.D., a career of a famous actress, a great hairdresser, an owner of a luxurious yacht, a wife of Nobel Prize winner, etc. In order to do this, there must be a combination of external and internal conditions. Internal conditions are always with her: she is persistent, very hardworking, and knows how to study. However, she needs a person, who knows where to head, can show her the direction, tell her what to do, what to strive for—all these are external conditions that might or might not happen for her. For example, having a good potential for making a career as a scientist and being a student (post-graduate student), this woman is capable of meeting such a supervisor by the will of fates, who, as a luminary of science, will lead some ingenious scientific project. However, it must necessarily be an original, epochal scientific direction (if it comes to science since, in principle, it can be any type of studies), capable of making a radical change in some area of human life, capturing the minds, and seriously affecting the cultural level of a large, if not global, number of people. It might be developments in the field of rocket engineering or in the field of fire safety, electrical kitchen appliances, or in any other field. However, either way, an outstanding person must lead this project and provide original ideas for intellectual work of his whole group (research group, laboratory, etc.). Then, it is possible to say with complete certainty that once she comes across a worthy teaching and a worthy teacher, this woman will become very interested, will join the process and begin to engage in developments persistently and productively. In addition to research, she will literally exert herself to the utmost while promoting and defending this idea. She will tirelessly work toward realization of the project and in the process will be able to provide any services, any kind of help, any type of assistance that are important for the project. A woman born on August 28th of leap years will not only eagerly defend the righteous undertaking of her teacher (supervisor) during any attempts to discredit him, but also will work on ensuring the necessary informational support of the process by extracting knowledge from many different areas.

If she becomes a boss, then her subordinates are not to be envied because she will force them to work with double effort. She herself will literally have to be pulled away from her work. She is ready to work until exhaustion in order to provide a quality product, where everything is complete, clear and understandable. There is a peculiarity: she works even harder, promotes even more successfully if she is engaged with heritage of a genius. That is—if the teacher is no longer alive, then her efforts and productivity increase significantly. Being one of the most devoted students, she is the one, who will become an excellent organizer of the funeral of her teacher and the continuator of his work. She has a propensity to lay the foundation of some philosophical, scientific, ideological thought (sometimes based on someone else’s idea). Again, under the supervision of another individual, her thoughts, ideas can be expressed in various articles and books.
Without a goal this woman will be hopelessly lost, spend her life jumping from some interests to other interests without hanging on to anything. In this case, she will remain a moth her whole life and will be a dilettante in everything; there will be a situation called “Life did not work out!” And then, this woman will most likely live and work in a kind of energy-saving mode—without much psychophysiological spending and without much success. Day after day she will engage in some time-work.

On the one hand, this woman knows how to be happy with life in any case. She knows how to appreciate that what she has. Only then, all her self-realization will be limited by absolutely fruitless fantasies, illusions, in which she will picture herself as someone, who already has glory, fame and influence. She will dream about how great it would be to get all this without efforts, for nothing. After dreaming for a while, she will begin to arrange real adventures for herself, which she is capable of under the circumstances, and which will not allow her to become too bored. For this reason: hooray adventures! And, if no one is offering them, then this woman will quickly organize them (starting with sexual and ending with criminal). However, on the other hand, if she comes across something worthwhile and dares to make use of it, then she will be capable of changing her life sharply, sometimes in a flash. Believing in her lucky star, her fortune, once a woman born on August 28th of leap years acquires a target —she would die rather than yield…”

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