Description Of Women Born On August 30th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on August 30th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“By nature a woman born on August 30th of common years is a leader, a chief, the beginning of everything—in other words, the head. Undoubtedly she is an instigator because she continuously produces ideas and initiates most of the events that take place around her. Leaderism of this individual will manifest regardless of the type of her activities and social position that she was able to achieve in reality. In any case, she will seek to dominate: no matter if it will be as the head of a large corporation or as a supervisor of a group of janitors. In any group, (whether among colleagues, family or friends) by all means she will try to be the first of the first, get to the “top,” take leadership positions. Her strongly pronounced ambitions are always felt in her appearance, behavior, and misconducts. Her ambitiousness is quite prudent since all of her actions are subject to intellectual constructs. Like a powerful computer, this woman’s head continuously conducts some operations: everything is calculated, everything is planned—thoughts, aspirations, gestures, and actions. She is able to think through every step in order to be clear about when, where, by whom, and for what reason she can “get her hands slapped,” as well as when and where it is easy to “get crowned.” In other words, this person seeks to figure out in advance all the “twists of fate”: where she is going, what is there and how it all might eventually turn out. Intellectual calculation serves as the foundation of everything, as the basis for controlling all of her manifestations, decisions and actions. Caution, certain pre-checking of actions and figuring out life’s path in advance help her achieve some success in reaching the heights of social status and financial well-being.

This woman feels superior to others on all counts: she is better, smarter, more beautiful, faster, etc. Therefore, she considers herself a role model. However, she is not an etalon that is solidified for centuries like a monument or is beyond fashion and time without being subject to random metamorphoses. She is an exemplary as an etalon of a point in time—different in each new event, in each new situation. The matter is that she is subject to metamorphosis since she has the ability to pick up on current, short-term fashion trends and meet them. This person seeks to keep track of the latest trends of today in everything. Since by monitoring even the smallest changes one can most successfully fit into any situation in life (like a skilled driver on a road with difficult and dangerous turns). A woman born on August 30th of common years has very good intuition. With the help of this powerful tool she comes to know the world around, as if listening to it closely: what to do, how to act, how to behave? It is possible to say that by nature she is highly sensible to the outside world and people: she is sensitive, understanding and has “a fine soul.” Probably due to subtlety of her nature, she has well-developed intuition when it comes to events, situations and people. Sensual, intuitive experience of this individual (especially in combination with her quite well-developed intellectual sphere) makes her a person, who is able to orientate herself in a given setting very well. Then, she is like “fish in water.” This woman is very flexible in terms of adjusting. She looks for unique keys to people and situations, finds them and uses them. Having a steady appetite in all the factors and being obsessed with “I want,” she is very goal-oriented in the pursuit of her objectives. Therefore, wanting to get someone or something and finally having found the right key—she is ready for anything. For example, if in order to get recognition as a cool biker she would have to ride a motorcycle through the entire city with a bare ass—she would do it without giving it a second thought. If there is a lock and a key to it, then what is there to think about? Or, for example, if in order to attract someone’s attention and interest she needs to put on winter boots on a dry and hot summer day—she will do it. She actively looks for effective methods for adjusting and influencing, and once she finds these “buttons” she does not hesitate to presses on them again and again… The main thing is to find an algorithm and fit into it.

When this woman is engaged in something (no matter whether it is a professional activity or sex), she always tries to reach the limit and by doing that—surprise and amaze others with her originality. Therefore, she is very attentive to her “facade” and is always concerned with how to look more effectively, how to present herself, how to gracefully carry on a conversation, how to demonstrate refined manners, and how to dress tastefully. She understands that she should not simply have whatever appearance, but instead should present herself. Since she always wants to attract attention, to present herself brightly, to distinctly stand out of the “gray mass” in any way. A woman born on August 30th of common years can (and will) kick up a row, all the way to putting others in a state of a shock. She can easily do anything, behave in any way in order to make an impression. For example, she can be rude, startle someone with an escapade, or create an impression of a broad. She is not particularly worried about the modality of opinions of others (good/bad evaluations) in her quest to be unusual and to stand out. By and large, she does not mind an opportunity to participate in something that will cause the reaction of disapproval in others. Like any demonstrative person, the prospect of receiving a negative review about herself does not bother her. It is much more important that there are reviews! …”

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