Description Of Men Born On December 14th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on December 14th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on December 14th of common years is a person, who suffers from thinking too much. He thinks about everything for a long time and quite thoroughly. Therefore, he often turns simple, elementary things into complex ones; in other words, he overcomplicates things. This can reflect especially negatively on some of his undertakings because when, in principle, everything is clear and understandable, checked and double-checked and it is necessary only to act—he as if hangs (like a computer) and doubts: “Did I think everything through? Did I take everything into account? Am I doing the right thing? Maybe I should think some more and check everything again?” Therefore, he is completely sure only about that one cannot be completely sure about anything. Of course, on the one hand, it is possible to agree with the well-known philosophical statement: “To err is human.” On the other hand, this quality can have a very negative effect on his affairs. Being extremely suspicious, he is a master of frauds and tricks himself, but he keeps an eye on to make sure that he is not cheated. He does not trust himself, endlessly questions things in search of the only correct solution, sorts through a huge number of possible variants (behavior, words, actions, etc.). And, naturally, he does not trust others. He thinks that when it comes to other people—trust as a function is extremely inappropriate. In general, his attitude towards the world can be described as cautious and suspicious.

This person is characterized by that, despite some disorderliness, he still is “a person of system.” However, this system is peculiar and marked by a number of attributes, which are characteristic specifically of his system. The first peculiarity is that this is system of victories since in general he is a person, who desperately wants to win. A man born on December 14th of common years is clearly tuned to, focused on victory. He strives to win, overcome, overpower, gain the upper hand, suppress, subdue, restrain, and excel. This is a clearly pronounced medieval winner, who thinks that being in a particular status by the end of a battle (a fight) entirely determines the method and the quality of your life. That is, if you lost, then you immediately turn into a slave; and, if you won, then you have every right to treat everyone who lost to you as slaves. Also, he thinks that you have every right to enjoy the victory, taking away everything that the defeated have, forcing them to work for you, etc. Always and everywhere this person is interested in victories over everyone: over men, over women, and the more valuable prize—the greater the desire for victory. He is a peculiar “collector of heads,” trophies in a variety of shapes and forms. Due to these trophies, which he can be proud of and boast about, he feels like he is the strongest, the best. It is correct to define him as a potential winner at least because by nature considered individual has a fairly high level of aggressiveness, will-to-win spirit and great fighting qualities. He loves fighting and knows how to fight, and, in principle, his entire life is a continuous “fight club.” Life for him is one vast field of continuous battles, and he is always obligated to fight and to win. The second peculiarity is that his system implies the existence of a plan on how to win. He is well aware of that only pre-tested steps, analyses, plans, and, of course, professionalism that must be acquired can ensure success. That is, spontaneity is good only if it is well prepared. For example, this applies to winning in legal disputed and cases, in which he likes to participate. This person sets a wide variety of goals in life, but still a red thread that lies through all this is the task of gaining superiority in any situation, over any person, by any means. It is necessary for him to have one victory after another specifically in order to gain and maintain his superiority. And, without constant combat operations “in all directions”—life stops, becomes boring and tasteless; and, without victories it becomes completely meaningless!

With schemes of the “surrounding area” in the form of rules, now and then this person breaks them. And, he does it consciously and very masterfully. First, a man born on December 14th of common years examines existing systems and becomes a professional in games that are carried out within them, but being a predator by nature—in the end he wins because he constantly violates set rules, juggles them in his favor, and uses prohibited action options and methods in order to score points. He can be attributed to followers of Machiavelli’s philosophy: “The end justifies the means.” He thinks that in the end it does not matter how he achieved that what he achieved. After all, the bottom line is always the result rather than some moral, ethical or any other principles! He likes the following principle much more: “Winners are not judged!” Or: “You are not guilty if you were not caught…”

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