Description Of Men Born On December 15th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on December 15th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“First of all, a man born on December 15th of common years  has a sense of self as an emperor and has imperial ambitions. Meaning that he considers himself outstanding, glorious, highest. And, in his personal case this is not megalomania, but rather quite natural and normal. He is like this by nature.

This man is a very good analyst. In addition, his intellect is aggressive when it comes to absorbing information. For example, he chooses opponents, who easily vocalize hypothesis and ideas, provide arguments freely like a sketch or a “raw idea,” while he accumulate all this information and choose the most original, shocking ideas. What for? Because they can allow him to present himself as an extraordinary person in a different audience. By these actions, he strives to gain leadership or more authority in interpersonal relationships. Also, he is a supporter of racial theories and is a great agent when it comes to self-advertisement. He is not against acquisition of the so-called “blown-up authority,” if he thinks that it is beneficial to him. Also, he tends to have uncontrolled fantasies and is very interested in religion and philosophy.

Physically, a man born on December 15th of common years is inclined to analyze and develop an individual method of physical exercises, which allow him to keep physical parameters of an athlete according to commonly recognized standards. He tends to be stubbornly hard-working when it comes to following the developed method and brings himself to exhaustion. He has a tendency for aggressive and extreme sports, including tennis. Also, he is not against swimming and hunting.

This person is inclined to use drugs, including heavy ones (cocaine, heroin) and consume alcohol excessively.

In the nutritional factor he is very hungry for free food and can consume food at gatherings indiscriminately, washing it down with, for example, vodka. At the same time, he is not against treating someone as well. Lots of liquids are mandatory for this person.

Emotionally, he is very aggressive (and sometimes tearful), which is also totally normal for this individual and there is no need to try to get rid of this aggression—this person simply will not be able to do it. Although, of course, he tends to try to consciously and deliberately dose his emotions.

In the sexual sense a man born on December 15th of common years prefers fast aggressive sex without fantasies, and regards his partner as another victory, prey (like in hunting). If he happens to find a wealthy sex partner, then he can agree to live on that person’s money for some time.

In the environment factor since this person is a born emperor it is, of course, desirable to have a home and interior that corresponds to an emperor’s, if he has the money. However, someone else (wife, parents, maid) should be caring for his home because he thinks that “it’s not royalty’s role.” In terms of recreation he likes sand (for example, sandy beaches) and prefers to live near water (for example, by the ocean)…”

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