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Description Of Men Born On December 7th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on December 7th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on December 7th of common years is a leader, a person, who takes it upon himself to manage some system. By nature, he is an ideological leader, a leader of a community, a mentor, a general leading his troops, a guide. This person is a strongly pronounced leader, who will never be number two and cannot be in a common team with someone. First of all, he is the main authority for himself, he always makes all decisions himself and does not take orders from anyone. Secondly, the primary function of this individual is not to be in the common mass, but to manage it. The intellectual power of this individual works to ensure his primary objective: to be the main stem and measure, the first in everything and everywhere. This man thinks that he has the right to intervene in the lives of others. Like any leader, he seeks to establish and maintain his dictate, to subjugate others, to conquer and ensure obedience and conformity to his views on life through convictions, persuasions or other methods of influence. This person is convinced that people, who are within the scope of his management, must live, think, act and behave strictly according to his orders or at least under his wise leadership.

This man realizes his ambitious aspirations by selecting or generating some new idea, on the basis of which he builds his own system and transfers it to practical activities that get realized under his guidance and vigilant control. A new idea can either come to his mind or be borrowed from the environment. When considering third-party suggestions and intellectual schemes related to new and unusual ideas, right away this person tries to understand the essence and then considers the mechanism, by which an idea can be given the most attractive form. Moreover, his own additions to a particular system can be so cardinal that the author of the idea might not always be able to recognize it and accuse this person of compilation or plagiarism. A man born on December 7th of common years thinks that any new idea must “ripen” for some time, and this process will continue until there is a complete understanding of the new idea and full consideration of its implementation. If the considered person has full confidence in the newness of the idea (meaning, he gets a confirmation that no one ever put forward this idea) and in the practical result (since by nature he is pragmatic one hundred percent), then he will be able to defend and promote this idea; or once he creates a system based on a new idea, then he will be able to promote and defend his project, regardless of authorities. New ideas are attractive to this person because on their basis he can be the founder of a new non-standard system (scientific, philosophical, esoteric knowledge, public relations, etc.), which has fundamental differences from all existing systems.

Intellectual calculations of this person in regard to ensuring himself a dominant position in society do not include compliance with any laws (other than his own, as well as laws of the system he chose) or moral and ethical norms, which are traditionally accepted in society. This man has a strongly pronounced resistance to external influences of other people’s intellectual schemes when his own have been developed. Inevitably this leads to contradictions with public opinion and active opposition to pressure of social norms on this person. Also, strict pragmatism (all the way to cynicism) of this individual contributes to this.

This individual is highly antisocial since, by and large, he does not consider himself a part of this society; he regards society as something that exists separately from him. As a rule, he does not share traditional values, he is not willing to comply with rules accepted in society, and he does not follow stereotypes accepted in society (thinking, behavior, attitudes, preferences, etc.). On the contrary, for example, given the standard thinking of others, this individual becomes the first instigator of an intellectual riot. Considering his unwillingness to participate in many social processes (related to everything: work, entertainment, activities of public organizations, social institutions and communities), as well as his natural striving to get power and money by non-standard methods, it is quite likely that this person will become a criminal if he lacks education and culture. And, if he becomes a criminal, then this person will have an opportunity to get the highest possible position in the criminal world (for example, become an authority among criminals). The path of development of this individual depends not only on life circumstances, but also on the environment, in which he grew up and education that he received. Since managerial functions can be realized in different ways: it is possible to become an authority among criminals or an authority in the field of science. A man born on December 7th of common years can give orders only to his wife or a dog his entire life or he can command an army…

Olga Skorbatyuk Talking About Men Born On December 7th On Russian Television.

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