Description Of Women Born On December 10th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on December 10th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on December 10th of common years is characterized by that she tries to turn her life into something homogeneous, uniform, local, whole. Throughout this woman’s life it seems to her that a human is given too little time and space (at a young or a mature age) to realize his or her potential and achieve something in life. Therefore, she thinks that it is not worth it to dissipate one’s energies and instead it is better to concentrate on one thing only. This woman wants to realize herself in a single field. She thinks that she must have one profession, one place of work or study, one passion, one hobby—for life. She reasons as follows: “I choose one thing and will give all my strength only to this, but in the end I will achieve everything in this undertaking: success, control, power, and everything else.” In childhood, during school years, she selects only one (at most two) subjects for in-depth study. She gives special attention to choosing a place for further education (technical institute, college, university, etc.) and the subsequent choice of work because her life actually depends on it going forward. By nature she is a typical devotee, so once she chooses a certain direction, a method, a point of view, a hobby, a philosophy, modes of action—she will be guided by them her entire life. She tends to form the main idea for herself, to which everything will be subordinated. By and large, this woman chooses one global thing, only one topic of interest; for example: “How to earn a lot of money?” Or: “How to succeed and become an outstanding and unique person in your own way?” And then, no matter what she engages in (science, housework or business), no matter what she studies or what profession she masters—this topic shines like a beacon and indicates the direction for her. Once she sets a goal, it is natural and comfortable for her to pedantically and persistently learn how to perform some work masterfully and ideally because this woman is extremely active in the environment. She wants to be better than others and is an exemplar of incredible persistence.

In order to make her main life choice and start moving toward the goal with purposefulness of a tram, first this individual goes through a stage of deliberation and reflection. Thus, her life is always divided into two parts: choice of direction and purposeful movement. During the selection period, when she is trying to understand how and where she could become “the queen of the hill,” this person seems very indecisive. Others usually say the following about such people: “She doesn’t know what to do with herself, doesn’t know what she wants.” Indeed, she is always trying something, looking for something. This woman makes the impression of a person who is, so to speak, hovering in the air, who wants to go somewhere very much, but cannot because it has no foothold. However, unsupported hovering allows her to sort through everything, to assess and define everything, and form a personal opinion. A woman born on December 10th of common years always feels responsible for her choice and has a tendency to attribute all successes and failures only to herself. Therefore, during the period of selecting a direction, this person becomes quite, as if she is listening to everything around her: to herself, to situations and to surrounding people. This individual is trying to find the one right decision, from which she will not back down. And, while this process of understanding goes on, she feels restless, lost and because of this—deeply unhappy. Therefore, during this period of her life suffering, worrying, crying, sorrow, yearning and torments occur in parallel with searching. Throughout the period of this “hovering,” she is an example of a person with a heart ache, who is literally sick because of the feeling of absolutely worthlessness and wandering about like a lost soul. During periods of purposeful realization of the conceived, this woman makes the impression of a warm, straightforward, open person, who lives in reality, and who is satisfied and happy with this reality. Having a unique ability to enjoy the little things (a sunny summer day, a meaningless smile, a warm breeze), she might even make the impression of a carefree person. However, in her wandering about like a lost soul all optimism fades and this person becomes more like rotten cabbage: gloomy, unhappy and sorrowful. So, it is possible to say that when periods of unsettled state occur—milk goes sour from this woman’s presence. Such “sour” periods can also occur due to circumstances beyond her control, but which make her somehow switch over from one rail-track to another.

However, if adversities, sorrows and troubles of this woman are not linked to external factors, then, having doubted and suffered enough, one day she says to herself: “That’s it, enough sobbing. I choose this.” Once this moment occurs, having finally decided where “to direct her steps,” she starts to put things in order. She divides her way to the set goal into certain stages, delimits everything and assigns to sections. And then, a life of a woman-machine begins: with incredible persistence, step by step, slowly but surely a woman born on December 10th of common years starts to tirelessly fight for the set goal…

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