Description Of Women Born On December 20th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on December 20th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“By nature a woman born on December 20th of common years is a collector, a moneybox, a warehouse keeper. She is a peculiar accumulator, who prepares and accumulates for the future anything and everything in large quantities. In this sense, her life can be compared to a computer hard drive, where files are stored, constantly supplemented with new materials and, as a result, there is a huge amount of information. A characteristic peculiarity of this woman is that nothing (even that what is no longer needed) gets thrown away—everything remains “in storage.” This is how year after year old stuff in a godforsaken attic, or papers in special archives, or books in libraries, or finished products in warehouses of some plant get accumulated if they do not get thrown away. This is how she gathers collections of anything: opinions, stories, clothes, food, experiences, emotional states, lovers, and friends. The goal of this accumulation (which occurs in all factors) is her desire to ensure that there is an abundant amount of everything in her life and that there are multiple duplications of everything. However, this woman will not stop in her hoarding even when she already has a lot of things because gathering is not her whim or situationally conditioned behavior: it is her stable life algorithm. She explains to people around her that she accumulates everything “for the future”, “for generations to come.” However, abundance does not mean that having a lot of something, for example—money, she will not throw away money (of course, this happens, but only during periods of her strong passions). She seeks to accumulate funds in her wallet, on a bank card or account. For example, at a store she will try to save and pre-calculate the total sum of all purchases to ensure that some money remains. However, she saves not only money: she accumulates friends and lovers, knowledge and information, food, as well as even ordinary, everyday activities. A woman born on December 20th of common years can create a great number of activities and worries around herself only in order to have them. However, it is not necessary to fear that she will strain herself too much by having so many things to do: the algorithm of an accumulator will not allow it, and she will make sure to save energy save power and to always leave some time to rest. Since, among other things, she is also a brilliant seamstress, who is able to economically cut out not just a piece of cloth for a dress, but also her own life.

A stable aspiration that is characteristic of the considered individual is her irrepressible desire for money. She is literally obsessed with money, which she knows how to accumulate and earn very well. Sometimes it seems that this woman knows how to get money out of thin air. It is as if money sticks to her. She lives under the slogan: “Not a day without taking away (receiving) financial means!” She will never miss an opportunity to “bite off” some money. This person has other peculiarities as well. For example, being a woman, who does not mind taking risks, she feels quite comfortable in so-called borderline situations. Figuratively speaking, she likes to “sit” on a situation that is similar to a smoking volcano, which is almost ready to erupt, and makes a show out of it. And then, using her incredible ingenuity, twisting and slipping, she easily and naturally gets out of similar difficult situations. Also, this woman very well knows how to make others work for her. She does it creatively, finely, devilishly subtly, and wisely like a snake. She has the ability to arrange such performances, spin up such plots and phantasmagorias with fireworks that spectators’ heads spin! And, with her sharp mind, fantastic mendacity, vileness, wiliness, and cruelty—in a battle for the golden calf, she appears like a warrior-samurai, who uses a sword in either hand equally well. Another quality of this woman, which helps her get financial means, is that she never does anything for nothing: “I give you—you give me.” Social environment and way that will be selected to earn money depends on traditions and level of education, which she managed to get. The diapason is very wide: from an employee at a church to a hardened criminal, from a saleswoman at a bazaar to a brilliant musician. However, she will make an exciting event for herself and others from any process, even the most primitive one. It does not matter whether it will be a turbulent process of bargaining (in which parties do it not even for money, but rather out of passion for sport) or many hours of conversations with clients (practiced by sellers from the Middle East, to whom the process when a buyer simply comes, asks the price, pays and leaves seems uninteresting). To sit down, have a cup of coffee, talk, make a case for your products or services and listen to counter arguments, to listen to a visitor’s story and to tell your own—in other words, she wants to make an event, a spectacle from a simple trip to a store or the act of buying and selling. This trait is often very attractive to a customer, who is happy that someone is interested in him or her; and besides, with such an individual approach—a seller with a product appears much more appetizing. So, this woman acts not just as a moneymaker, but as a moneymaker, who wants to get pleasure from the money-making process itself. In addition to these qualities, a woman born on December 20th of common years makes extensive use of other methods: diplomacy, intrigues, extravagance, strange escapades, villainy, viciousness, and ability to usurp another’s without any pangs of conscience. Based on the thesis “Money doesn’t smell,” she thinks that any means are good for making money. And, ethics are a minor matter. In her case, it is more a topic for declarations rather than a behavioral guidance…”

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