Description Of Women Born On December 22nd Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on December 22nd of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on December 22nd of common years considers herself a woman of experience, a seasoned leader, “a leader of a pack.” Since childhood this woman feels that she has seen life and a lot of it, and of course, knows it all regardless of her actual biological age. No matter how old she is in reality, whether 10 or 30, this girl or woman has a self-sentiment of an experienced and mature lady. From this imaginary “high peak of experience,” it seems to her that she sees, hears, and understands everything. On the basis of being fully convinced that she is a know-it-all, she assumes the right and obligation to judge the rightness or wrongness of other people’s actions. Moreover, she persistently seeks to direct their actions. She is convinced that she has a high mission—to manage people, to teach them how to live, to edify, as well as to evaluate and judge them.

This person is deeply convinced that she is capable of leading the masses on the sole basis of that she knows the truth, and therefore has the right and ability to decide who needs what, where people should go, and to what they should come to. She thinks that all of her opinions are correct, and therefore, in any case, she should be the only one to make final decisions. An important point in understanding this woman is that for the most part she does not acquire her experience as such on her own; instead, she completely absorbs it from already existing traditions as a part of the cultural experience of humanity. This woman completely trusts cultural experience, does not question it at all, does not re-invent a bicycle, and therefore essentially she does not have serious personal experience. On the grounds of being “highly experienced” (which is based only on traditional views, tested intellectual constructs, and “antiquated methods”), she raises herself to the rank of “the shepherd of her cows.”

This woman adopts existing tradition as a basis for constructing an individual philosophy and ways of existence (if it is even possible to speak of individuality in this case since when it comes to this woman—everything is borrowed). Other people’s thoughts, conclusions, and rules can be acceptable and reasonable, but they are still other people’s. A woman born on December 22nd of common years is a zealous guardian of traditions, but given her tendency to take on the leading and guiding role, she is not only a guardian, but also a carrier of traditions, which she will actively impose onto others. Also, this individual will actively use traditions as a weighty argument to defend her position of a leader. After all, people often respect traditions, traditional views, and traditional opinion. This is what allows her to actually lead and manage people; she makes statements like: “this is customary”, “this is how it needs to be”, “this is how it was and how it will be”, “this is what is written in history”, “this is how our grandfathers and fathers lived.” With such “baggage,” this woman always considers herself absolutely correct about everything. The feeling of being a fragment of a unified system of certain traditions gives this woman certainty that she is “the guiding thread of Ariadne,” capable of bringing the rest of the people, who are “wandering in the darkness of ignorance,” to “the light of God.” The feeling of unshakeable correctness and total knowledge gives her the right to assume that she is the only one, who can save another person, bring him or her to understanding of the truth, to correct thoughts, decisions, actions, etc.

Considered individual is convinced and tries to convince other people that life becomes much easier and simpler when answers (prepared beforehand by age-old wisdom) to each emerging question already exist. This woman really does not understand why it is necessary to think, to experiment, and especially to take risks, if there is already a pre-made solution to every problem. She is deeply convinced that all people need not only her help, but also control and “rein” in the form of some weighty (from her point of view) restraining factors. She finds this rein specifically in her constant references to and reliance on all sorts of cultural traditions, which contain immutable laws, rules of behavior and thinking. In a conversation this person tends to use figures of speech, which appeal to traditions in one way or another. When a woman born on December 22nd of common years speaks, one hears a lot of the following: “in the recent past”, “in the old times”, “forefathers bequeathed”, “previously”, “if we turn to the world experience (experience of the ancients, to sources, to traditions, etc.).” To ease possible resistance, this woman starts providing a variety of examples, which in her opinion can convince her opponent that everything has already been thought up, everything has already occurred in the past, and therefore there is no point in arguing with her. This woman’s main objective is to bring a person to that she has an answer to any question since such knowledge confirms her authority of a leader…”

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