Description Of Women Born On February 15th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on February 15th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on February 15th of leap years is a ruler, who values herself very highly and considers herself head of the family, kin. This perception of self is based on her conviction that she is special, the best in general: the healthiest, the most powerful, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most educated, the most experienced, the most professional, the most eminent, and so on and so forth; in other words—the best of the best. According to her reasoning, she achieved everything that one can achieve: self-dependence, good earnings, and independence from others. Moreover, as it seems to her, she is an example of moral and ethical perfection (she considers herself flawless, like Caesar’s wife, who, as the story goes, was “always above suspicion”). And, she thinks that she is superior to others in all respects, and since she is such a bright individual—all other members of the family, her relatives simply must look up to her, and, of course obey her. She thinks that possession of a number of outstanding qualities is enough for a lifelong right to be the head of her family. And, if someone does not agree with this conclusion, if someone does not want to notice her value, does not want to obey her, then this woman will quickly “show them who is the chief.” In such situations, she takes a fighting stance with arms akimbo, and since by nature she has a loud voice—opens her mouth. In such situations, she makes such a powerful sound that probably only the penguins at the South Pole do not hear it! As a result, usually her opponent or opponents immediately understand whose opinion in the house is fundamental. She is convinced that she deserves the highest rating, respect, reverence, and even worship. This respect must be expressed by members of the household through obedience, as well as through fulfillment of her numerous requests and commands. And, of course, she thinks that family must look up to her as the etalon of way of life. To achieve the above-described position, mother nature endowed this woman with a number of qualities that help her get what she claims. For example, one of these qualities is her ability to exert pressure. Considered person is extremely importunate and extremely demanding. In connection with this, she tries to turn others into, so to speak, a high yielding class, so that they would supply her and the whole family with benefits, achievements. For example, if she cares for someone, fosters someone, nurtures someone, then she requires: “Give a result!” Produce it at once! Although it is necessary to give her credit: first and foremost, she treats her own self in the same demanding way! That is, if she planned to achieve something, then she absolutely must achieve it and get a result or results.

This woman is absolutely sure of her purpose, her leadership, her superiority, and her exclusivity. She acts as a dictator and this clearly shows in some of her phrases, for example: “I said,” “I insist,” “It will be as I said!” And, it should not be doubted that a woman born on February 15th of leap years really will do everything, so that everything goes according to her decision. In this process, she actively uses the mechanism of repressions called “a carrot and a stick.” Nature endowed this woman with high energy, observing which one can hardly assume that she will not bring herself to do something, will not be able to achieve what she fights for. Looking at her, it becomes obvious that this person will not back down from her plan! And, if she decides, so to speak, to weigh someone down, then all that is left is to sympathize with the poor fellow. Very powerful energy of this woman will kick out all the folly, all the dust, and, so to speak, “roll him or her out like a rug” quickly enough. In addition, she is a person of principle and if she decides to uses her principles, then one should hold on tight. However, she knows how to be forgiving like a queen, and if someone humbly asks forgiveness, then she will forgive. Especially since she is very much drawn to justice, seeks to ensure that everything is based on truth and that everything is fair.

As the head of a kin, her main sphere of activity is family. Family is extremely important to this woman. It is important from all sides. Firstly, she would very much like to have her dynasty, preferably rich and noble. If there is nothing at all special in her family history, then she is ready to create this dynasty. And, not one that, so to speak, consists of workers and peasants, but one that is namely rich and noble. And, she has everything to be able to succeed in this because by nature she has qualities of a founder of a dynasty, family line. Secondly, she is very interested in all questions related to her relatives. A woman born on February 15th of leap years is one of those people, who know all their relatives without exception and by names, know all their forefathers and ancestors. Thirdly, this woman absolutely must be married and have a family in the form of a spouse and children…”

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