Description Of Women Born On February 18th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on February 18th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on February 18th of common years thinks that she is the keeper of the very principles of existence and that all processes revolve around her because, as she thinks, nothing in the world can exist without her. This woman is a priestess, who, due to her involvement in something higher and esoteric, claims that she has knowledge of the secret mechanisms of influence on natural objects (natural phenomena, plants, animals), as well as on people. This woman claims that she knows the laws (from laws of the Universe to corporate rules of interactions between members of this or that organization) and that she possesses professional knowledge of rituals of any social environment.

However, the main motives of the considered individual are always aimed at only one thing: getting money. It is not enough to say that she simply loves money and strives to have it. Money is her life, her animal passion, the basis of her existence, where everything is for money and for the sake of money. Like the famous cartoon character created at Walt Disney Productions—an American duck by the name of Donald Duck, this person wants to have so much money that she could open not a wallet, a chest or a safe, but а whole storehouse, walk into an ocean money and swim in it. It might seem that she is so greedy and mercenary that even when she goes to the restroom she pays herself because she is reluctant even to ease nature for free, and instead of “Good morning” she says: “How much?” Money as such, anytime, anywhere and in any amount, raises her spirit, causes unconcealed elation, sincere enthusiasm and genuine interest.

Of course, in her youth she might dream that, like the clandestine millionaire Koreiko (a well-known character from the satirical novel by Ilf and Petrov called The Golden Calf), she will now close her eyes, turn the corner and find a thick wallet with money on a sidewalk. With age, as she becomes more realistic, she begins to realize that wallets with money do not fall from the sky. However, in order to have a lot of money it is necessary to have a strong financial base; hence the saying: “money makes money.” And, where is the most money? Of course, atop the social “pyramid.” So, that is where a woman born on February 18th of common years sets course, and, naturally, to the West. The rich, wild West, where, according to promises, anyone can become a millionaire. Or, as she thinks, it would be even better to find herself a billionaire and make him a millionaire!

This woman is an ambitious person of wide-ranging nature, who sets global goals and objectives for herself. And, it must be noted that she has a great tool to make them a reality: she is extremely goal-oriented and centripetal, sees the target clearly and hits it like a laser beam—concentrated and precise. And, she knows how to use her elbows and, so to speak, walk on people’s heads, if necessary, in order to make her way towards her goal.

This woman is ready to fight fiercely for her financial well-being, money in general, and the position of the richest. She begins to grind her teeth at the slightest hint that someone in her circle is richer than she is. She will track her possible competitors meticulously and scrupulously. This woman makes a lot of acquaintances in order to realize all of her aptitudes and make her dream—a pool of cherished “papers”—come true; however, not just any acquaintances, but only those people, who, from her point of view, have satisfactory financial resources. Therefore, all of her new acquaintances are carefully filtered according to the following main criterion: can this person help improve her financial status or not? And, those who pass the selection get meticulously and scrupulously recorded in a specially created registry (organizer): who the person is, what he or she does, where he or she is from, and how he or she can be useful to her. Of particular interest to her are the so-called “powerful people in this world”: presidents, dictators, monarchs, sheiks, and everyone else who became models of ideal money “bags” by sitting on natural resources and making money from them.

She thinks that all means are good when trying to get into the needed stratums. For example, if in order to enter it is necessary to demonstrate her body in some glossy magazine like Playboy—she will do it without giving it any thought. The power with which a woman born on February 18th of common years is able to take money for herself from the environment can only partly be compared with a high-tech snow removal machine, or a sewage pipe cleaning machine. And, if she decides to “harvest” this or that “tree”—she will pick to the last “apple” until all that will be left to say about the subject of her financial interest would be: “stripped like a lime-tree…”

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  1. Maria

    Wow! Apparently one Aquarian woman born on February 18, left a bad taste in somebody’s mouth. I read this laughing while shaking my head. Of course I would assume that you realize people are different. So let me tell you another perspective from a female Aquarian born on February 18. Firstly and foremost everything I do is dpne by my conscience. I dislike hurting others and would therefore internalize the pain which has been inflicted on me. I forgive easily because life is too short to hold on to something which is negative. As for money, I really laughed when I read your page. Again, believing in a strong moral compass, I would never even begin to think of ways to manipulate or compromise others for my own benefit. It’s that old adage “Treat others as you want to be treated.” As far as money is concerned, it is only but a material possession. Simply that! It’s the trivial things in life which matter more and the things you cannot buy with money that matters most! Also, as far as I am concerned the majority of all Aquarian women I know would not pose in a pin up magazine as they feel they would be objectified. Sorry, we’re not Grade A meat for viewing purposes, no matter how much money was thrown in our face! Also, since I am a spiritual individual and not somebody hell bent on ways to create self gratification at the disposal of others, I can go to sleep at night with a clean conscience. I don’t care about one’s social status, ethnicity, religion or age! My lovr for others or anything in this world is based on a genuine loyalty, integrity and love. So please feel free to add this to your blog or archive it!

    • HPA

      Hello Maria, and thank you for your comment. Note that the excerpt above is not about “one Aquarian woman born on February 18”. It is specifically about all women born on February 18th of Common Years.
      You stated that you “would never even begin to think of ways to manipulate or compromise others for my own benefit.” However, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of ‘manipulation’ is simply “to manage skillfully.” This means that manipulations as such are applied to objects, people, situations and more, all the time..

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