Description Of Women Born On February 25th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on February 25th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on February 25th of common years reminds of yeast dough, which constantly “bursts the banks” or champagne, which foams over the edge of a glass. This individual is always absorbed by something: an idea, a thought, her work, family, children, friends or laundry. When she engages in mopping and moving of furniture, a large financial project or a political campaign—she fully devotes herself to the process. It seems that she completely fills up her life with parenting, guests, rotation of men in her bed, preparation of food, and professional activities on purpose. As a result, she is in a loop, inside events, affairs and situations without beginning or end.

Everything is always very well in her life! She has plenty of everything and everything is always of excellent quality! Even if her financial abilities allow her to live only on stale bread and water, and no one in her building says “Hello” to her except the cleaning lady, still she will brag that yesterday she again had dinner at a posh restaurant with some powerful people. Her desire to build castles in the sky and to convince everyone that she lives in them is simply unstoppable! For example, after spending a summer at a country house and coming back tanned, she will din into her friends’ ears about how she went on a cruise to the Canary Islands or Haiti, even though she swam in a tiny pond all summer long. Being not too modest, to put it mildly, she talks only about herself to everyone and everywhere—what a star she is and how tirelessly and unstoppably she thrives and prospers. After finally moving her face away from a huge bowl of black caviar, with drunken hiccups, she festively and proudly exclaims: “Life is good!” That is her usual self-presentation in the environment. This behavior is a kind of a call to others to join her and to luxuriate, indulge in extremes together with her! Indeed, she wants everyone around her to live calmly, happily, peacefully, be prosperous, successful and lead a lavish, from luxurious to wasteful, lifestyle.

This person has a particularity: she wants to do everything together with someone. She might be a part of any social associations: diasporas, trade unions, communities, cooperatives, clubs, schools, parties, etc. A woman born on February 25th of common years seeks to become friends with everyone, so that she does not live in isolation. She is particularly attracted to mutual responsibility. This woman seeks to be part of a clan, wants to always be “in her environment,” her circle. This clan of like-minded people, people of the same nationality, race, type, social status, cultural and educational level, profession, interests, qualification, or level of consciousness; people who share common views, tastes, an affair, an idea, etc. They do everything corporately: vacation, spend weekends, fight or laugh, rush somewhere to take care of business, celebrate holidays, disagree and make peace, and so on—all together. And, it does not matter to her what affairs to participate in, what to do, as the main thing is to live together and die together!

She thinks that it is good to be together… but only initially. And then, everything must be done to become the head of a community, to lead it in order to exploit it! She knows how to work hard in the name of her dream of becoming outstanding, renowned, and famous. However, she still really wants others to do it for her! And, for this, by hook or by crook, with a carrot and a stick, by cunning and insidiousness, ostentatious and excessive unction, gratitude or unconcealed terrorism—forces everyone to work for her.

This woman is an overseer. She is ready to pace the parapet as an overseer of her “prisoners,” and use a whip and a gun “to inspire” everyone to work, shooting periodically. Her intellect works very well in this process of control—here she is genius! For instance, she is ready to present herself as almost dying under the weight of backbreaking burden of her duties and affairs in order to put some of her work (and, better yet all of it!) on someone else’s shoulders. And, she is not interested in other people’s problems: “Die, but do it anyway!” And, she knows how to make practically any person work for her. When others ask her for help, she always produces the same type of reaction: “I would be happy to help you, but I cannot due to objective circumstances that are beyond my control.”

A woman born on February 25th of common years is not very good at hiding her strength and sense of her own superiority. She perceives her place in the environment and behaves like she does not even suppose that someone could argue or compete with her—all others are weak, simply husks!..”

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