Description Of Women Born On February 6th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on February 6th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on February 6th of leap years does not belong to the category of people referred to as “lone wolves” and those, who drift, so to speak, on the waves of life in a single copy (alone), feeling quite comfortable. A metaphorical definition of the state “alone on an ice floe” is not about her and not for her since this woman was created by nature as part of a tandem, a link in some social mechanism. She cannot go through life and act successfully without having a connection with someone or something, either a person or an affair—she absolutely requires a partner or partners in affairs and in private life. That is why, if she devotes herself, for example, to musical creativity, she will definitely seek to sing or play in a duet with someone. With the same determination, she also cannot live without some affair; in her case, it might be some joint project, in which she will be able to realize herself in a pair with someone. Naturally, this will be on equal and mutually beneficial terms; she is not only for partnership type of relationships in the best sense of the word, but she herself is a good ally as well. In collaboration with someone this woman will not only function properly, precisely and cohesively, but also will manifest herself as extremely fruitful, making one magnificent creative product after another. For example, being engaging in a literary activity together with someone, she will produce a series of wonderful works; for example, romance novels or scripts for television series. Moreover, all of her creative products will be very high quality because this person does not belong to the category of people, who prefer quantity over quality; on the contrary, she is a supporter of a job well done and certainly fully completed. The fact is that a woman born on February 6th of leap years has a valuable quality: when she begins her work on a certain product—she struggles to finish it, does not leave it halfway done. For example, being a musician or a composer, if she writes a song, and not one, but several, then she considers it necessary to finish all of them, unlike it often happens with creative people, who leave their works in the hopes of returning to them, so to speak, “when the inspiration returns.” In her case, things are different: if she began something, then she must finish it and output a quality product. It does not matter whether it is a song, a musical composition, a literary work, or something else. Her works might have varying degrees of success, they might resemble one another or be different, but it is a fact that they are fully completed, finished products. Another characteristic particularity of this woman in regard to partnerships is that once, so to speak, she clings onto someone, she remains in contact with that person only until she learns and knows how to do everything that he or she knows. Once she gains experience and knowledge of her partner, she quickly loses interest in him and at that point works in the direction of surpassing the level, knowledge and skills that he has. And, the groundwork that she obtained in the process of communication and independent work often gets used to in turn become a teacher, a mentor for someone herself; plus, to obtain a reputation of a woman, who knows everything and teaches everyone.

By nature this woman is a careerist. Therefore, even if she chooses family as the main field of ​​her activities, anyway she will strive to make a career out of it, which in her understanding means having a significant place among couples by becoming an exemplary, model wife, who knows it all, and on this basis gives wise advices, counsel, and recommendations left and right. However, even though family is very important in this woman’s life, it is not the only field of possible applications of her strength, especially considering her desire and ability to achieve mastership in quite a wide range of fields of professional activity. Some of the tools used for success are strictness and high demands in regard to her own self, as well as others, be it partners or pupils, whom she fosters with all of her might. In this process, she is not only strict, but also fair. She is direct when expressing her demands, opinions, “pro” and “contra.” Very often this woman openly scolds not only children, but also adults and her work partners. As it seems to her, she does this to stimulate them to take actions, to produce and cultivate something, whether it concerns pulling out weeds, making a creative product or doing business. And, she does not save time and energy on this since it is extremely important for her to create a microclimate for a team in which her partners do not mope around, loose spirit, and stop working. Therefore, a woman born on February 6th of leap years is very persistent in her actions in regard to raising, so to speak, the fighting spirit of her associates and accomplices. In the process of such stimulation she might overdo it at some points and get in trouble or conflict, but this will not stop her…”



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