Description Of Men Born On January 11th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on January 11th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on January 11th of common years perceives the entire world as a world of doors, by opening which it is possible to get into some social layer or field. His objective is to find that cherished one, entering which will provide him that environment and way of life, which he seeks. In other words, like the well-known character from the tale by A. Tolstoy called Buratino, who wanted to get to the world that was painted on a canvas, this person seeks to enter that door, behind which happiness, wealth, wellbeing, public recognition in the form of numerous prizes, awards, respect, and so on await him. He reasons that since these doors exist, all that remains is to find that “golden key,” which will open the necessary door; although, it is possible that during some periods of his life he is not fully aware of this. For example, in his youth, being quite primitive, roughish, careless and featherheaded, not having an understanding of the purpose of studying as such, this man might cherish an illusion that the world is one open door, behind which every person anxiously awaits him. Influenced by such fantasy, this man is capable of being deeply convinced that it is not at all necessary to be someone, to study society and look for “keys”—it is enough to simply see him, to see all his, as he thinks, numerous dignities, and then all doors will automatically swing open in front of him! During this period, he is not yet aware of the fact that high opinion of oneself must also conform to reality, and that studying is a necessary condition in order to be able to get to where he wants to be; that studying is exactly that what provides the key(s) that he is so eager to have, and which opens any doors. Although very soon life experience will, of course, clearly show him how deep were misconceptions that he had during his younger years, and possibly he will quickly be removed from the list of underachievers at a school or a college and become one of quite good students. One day, this person will understand that one must also really make efforts, that a lot of persistence, utmost effort is required in order to be able to open any doors. And then, he will draw a very important conclusion for himself and decide that, first of all, it is necessary to do something and not just sit idly, in other words—to act energetically; and from that moment on the process will move forward for him. Once he understands conditions and toolkit needed to reach his objective, this person will start to, metaphorically speaking, puff like a steam engine, as he will make efforts to execute all actions energetically: whether it is learning, development of new skills, or acquisition of experience and professionalism, which, of course, are also necessary. And, a man born on January 11th of common years will consider this algorithm as a guarantee of success. However, sometimes his vigor will take a bad turn since he will not just knock on the next door, but will rather try to kick it open. Of course, this will not always be successful. However, despite the understanding in his mind that in order to enter cherished doors it is not at all necessary to break them, to act highhandedly, and despite the realization that quite different rules and conditions apply here, that keys are necessary in order to enter—still he literally becomes ferocious if he experiences difficulties with some door! And, he begins to actually break it, knock it out with his shoulder, and this is not a mistake or stupidity, but simply his particularity. In itself, the idea to break most durable doors, behind which, as it seems to him, is a coveted world of wonders, causes great enthusiasm in him. And, he is ready for anything in the process: super-efforts and most desperate actions! When observed, this man literally charms, shocks, and stuns the audience by his attempts. Even though, in principle, he is one of those realistically minded people, who tend to take circumstances into account—still he can seriously deviate from this rule in the situation described above. However, the important thing is that by nature this man has a great ability to break through, and, sooner or later, he learns to act with maximum efficiency, like a skilled burglar, against whom no “door” can withstand.

In addition to his great ability to break through, this person also has other tools for “breaking-in”: he is a very deft, quick-witted, inventive and resourceful man, and he does not shun to actively use one of the most effective means of communication—flattery and toadying. If necessary, he is able to not only be very amiable, but he is also not afraid to show himself as a complete amateur in some area, or be an onhanger near a higher ranked, important person for some time. He is sociable and maintains friendly relations with all of his acquaintances (classmates, fellow students, members of his social class, his guild). However, his attitude towards a particular person with whom he communicates is firmly determined by that category, to which he assigns this person: what class, what type—above or below himself. And, a man born on January 11th of common years will certainly take into account whether a person can somehow help him advance in his career (recommend, promote, put in a good word) or not…”

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