Description Of Men Born On January 9th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on January 9th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on January 9th of common years perceives himself a titled person, at least a duke or a prince, but more likely a king or an emperor. Regardless of who this person is in real life, no matter what social position he occupies—his self-sentiment is that of a ruler, а sovereign; moreover, a perfect ruler: kind, wise and, of course, outstanding, superior to all. This man might be a cashier at a supermarket, or live in a shelter for the homeless. He might have no special knowledge or even a standard required education, no extraordinary talents or any skills at all. In any case, he behaves like a king always, everywhere and with everyone.

This individual considers himself a blue-blooded person, one who is no match for all other people. He stubbornly believes that he has all thinkable qualities that exist in nature. Since, as it is known, the status of an emperor, as an expression of the essence of monarchical layer, claims the role of no more and no less than that of an intermediary between heaven (God’s will) and earth (people). That is ideally, but in real life similar mission is available to very few monarchs, at least because usually they do not have some personal qualities that cardinally differentiate them from their lieges. Ideally, an emperor must be the etalon carrier; he is called upon to demonstrate to his lieges that sounding of personality, which would be consonant with “music of heaven.” However, more often sovereigns of this level amount to despotic petty tyrants, capricious, with claims and try to implement self-legitimized unlimitedness based on the principle “I do as I want.” Exactly the same behavior can be observed in this man (towards others as well). He is similar to a capricious blue-blooded person, who, without being something special, only by the right of his birth claims to rule over other people. He purports to do what he pleases and does not care about wishes of “some heaven.” Execution of his personal will is much more important to him.

This man considers himself a person, who has qualities, which are the etalon for all other people, are exemplar, and most importantly—a reason for people to obey him unquestioningly. And, it does not even occur to him that these qualities might be far from real etalons. This is what he decided and it is quite enough. In case someone doubts his dignities and superiority, if there is a need to prove his exclusivity to someone, then this man will stand up for himself. A man born on January 9th of common years will, so to speak, dig the ground with his nose and do whatever it takes to prove that he really is above all in his dignities and qualities. Even if the proof will not seem too convincing to other people, this will not in any way affect his exorbitantly high self-rating and exorbitant ambitions. All doubts will be written off as stupidity of others, that they are simply unable to evaluate his dignities because they are nobodies and can only be nobodies.

Inside himself this man clearly knows that he is superior to other people, better than they are, and therefore he is worthy to command, dominate, control, and rule over them. In this sense, it is a waste of time to try to change his opinion in regard to his rights and dignities, or to try to challenge his actions and decisions. This man tends to reason more or less like this: “I consider myself wonderful no matter what, and this gives me every right to do what I want. And, all other people have the right to do only what I want.”

Having this kind of sense of self, this person behaves accordingly—as a sovereign. It does not matter if he is heading to a board of directors meeting or to a store for some milk; it does not matter how he is dressed—in a suit that is worth tens of thousands of dollars and diamonds, or sweatpants stretched out at the knees. It really does not matter whether he is sitting in the back seat of a huge luxury limousine, or is steering the wheel of some old automobile covered with corrosion. It absolutely does not matter how much money he has in his bank account, and whether he has access to gold reserves of a country or a couple of crumpled dollars and some change in his wallet.

Even if he washes cars, sells gasoline at a gas station or wipes off other people’s spits and scrubs off dried up gum at a public restroom—in any case, he will always find a way to show you who he is and who you are. For example, by his posture, voice, facial expressions, tone that he will use to talk to you. Or he might pour a bucket of dirty water over your feet, as if by accident, and when you become outraged a man born on January 9th of common years will find a way to show you how insignificant you are compared to him.

In any situation, this person’s posture is prideful, steps are measured, manners are regal, and his behavior is haughty, stately and patronizing. Just try not to get angry and make claims because if you do, you will see what it means to debate with a person who thinks that he is a person of the highest rank!…”

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