Description Of Women Born On January 23rd Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on January 23rd of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on January 23rd of common years has a particularity: she makes an impression of a completely self-sufficient person. She makes such impression is due to her sense of self as a self-dependent person, wholly and entirely autonomous. It seems that this woman does not manifest herself in any way and reminds of the Sphinx, calmly looking at two-legged beings that potter about, run and fuss around by its feet. Just like the above-mentioned cultural object, she literally exudes a sense of immutability. When observing her facial expression, habits, character and trajectory of movements, it seems that in front of you is a person of a high rank, who holds an authoritative position, is capable of and possesses a lot, has unlimited rights and possibilities—a person who is carrying out a mission of universal significance!.. It seems to an observer that due to some special status this woman obtained absolute internal and external calmness, and because of this now she represents an impenetrable, unattainable monolith. A sense of inner dignity of this person combined with permanent state of nirvana present her as a female-Buddha. Of course, she is capable of rushing about, while being suppressed by some unfavorable life situation, and, usually neatly groomed, neglecting her appearance when she is alone with herself, or forgetting about her calmness and greatness and pulling her hair out in distress: “My life is a failure!” Sometimes she might get lost in doubts, go on a spree, became hysterical or excessively romantic: “Oh, I dream of vast sky!” However, it is absolutely safe to say that no one will ever be able to tell this from her appearance or her face! This woman has a truly inscrutable face, it does not reflect any of her inner feelings and it is impossible to observe neither suffering, nor hesitation on it. However, it is not possible to say that this woman’s appearance is just a cover. Behind a passionless mask of the Sphinx is a woman made of iron and concrete—powerful, strong, and unbendable. Once this steel-woman sets a goal, she goes towards it without any flexibility. And, no one can turn her away from it. And, she is committed to ensuring that she will always be like that, and so she does everything in order to have the strongest position in her life.

This woman is of colonial type, she aims to capture as many territories as possible, once she makes them her own—she will enforce her own order, which will also be made of iron, just like she is herself. These orders will be enforced for herself and for others. Being a wise colonizer, she takes into account the fact that others have needs and that it is necessary to satisfy them in order to get benefits for her own self. In other words, figuratively speaking, in order to get milk from a cow, it is necessary to graze it, take it to a bull, and, of course, milk it! And so, this woman patiently cultivates, feeds, and even overfeeds social areas that, from her point of view, provide a valuable product. However, a woman born on January 23rd of common years maintains her position of using strict measures, policies of blood and iron. A social territory that provides her with an opportunity to get rich is considered holy land, and she will fight for it to the last drop of blood. In addition, this woman is different in that she always does things carefully, scrupulously, in a detailed manner, and does not leave anything to chance. Similar to work of a jeweler, all her activity is based on calculations of extremely high precision. She is not like some of other people, who act according to their “intuitive knowledge of the world!” She does not make any random actions, and does not act based on principles of faith or luck. She is one hundred percent pragmatic, always very precise and very specific in her approach to any person in any life situation. This woman-general always has a detailed plan for processes that take place under her leadership, as well as clearly developed strategy and tactics.

By nature a woman born on January 23rd of common years is a puppet master. In any communications and situations she feels that she is in the role of Mangiafuoco and perceives others as marionettes on the stage of her puppet theater. She pre-calculates actions and directs, controls people by pulling the strings in accordance with her manipulative objectives…”

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