Description Of Women Born On January 28th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on January 28th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on January 28th of common years  can be called by a variety of epithets, but the most accurate definition would be—”a reformer.” Of course, reforms as such can be very different, but in this case, before us is a reformer as a destroyer or transformer of culture. One of the main functions of this woman is transformation, and that, as a radical remake of something, is always connected with a greater or lesser degree of destruction since in order to build something new, first of all, it is always necessary to break free from the old. In her case, transformation is not only a transition from one quality to another (sometimes the exact opposite), which, in principle, is standard, but also this transformation is directed at an individual. In other words, this woman specializes in transformation of individuals. Transformation as a process that has its own precise algorithms, rules, goals and methods, in this case is influenced by particular characteristics of this specific person. One of them is that she reshapes or gives new qualities to this or that individual by the means of acculturation. (Or rather that what she personally sees as acculturation.) Another particularity is that she gives preference only to extraordinary people, and better yet those, who fit the category of outstanding. And, the more unusual, talented, bright, metaphorically speaking, “the log” is—the more interesting this peculiar “Mastro Geppetto” considers work on transforming him or her into a “Pinocchio” in a way that she sees fit. It should be noted that the process of choosing of a subject is quite precise, as by nature this woman has an internal, built-in device, which almost unmistakably determines sizes (scale) of two or more objects and selects the larger. (Of course, sometimes even she makes mistakes, and selects as a larger object, for example, a nobody, who is bloated from his sense of self-importance or is simply a good actor, who is playing the role of someone significant. However, this does not happen often.) And, as already mentioned, the larger the scale and talent, the more majestic and grandiose a person that she meets is—the bigger the flare of her desire to change him. If a woman born on January 28th of common years comes across a truly brilliant personality, then that person will be graded down and reduced to the level of, as the saying goes, gray mediocrity by any means. There is no doubt that if she would have caught Einstein in his time, then today no one would know his name because he simply would not have become a prominent scientist. It should also be noted that this principle works in regard to groups as well: any individual, who stands out from the general mass of a community, this woman will bring, so to speak, to a common denominator by any means, or expel, or even destroy him or her. Her efforts will be directed to ensuring that a group consists of individuals, who are of equal value, absolutely equal by their mass, properties, and scale. And, from that point, these people, of course, can no longer be attributed to the category of individuals—thanks to her transformations they can now be attributed to the category of general mass of rather primitive forms, as components of a single social organism. And, all this will be referred to by the word “life.” She thinks that there should not be any Einsteins in a group. She thinks that people must be transformed into a single whole, like grass on a soccer field, and if a tree will suddenly grow on that field, then, naturally, it will have to either be grubbed out or sawed. All this strongly reminds of a situation, in which a music lover remakes a truly brilliant music piece into a schlager, arguing that it would be a really folksy, mass, popular product. For example, at some research institution, this woman would regularly organize a variety of social events, factually sabotaging the main activities, distracting from the actual research work and, consequently, cutting off the possibility of someone going beyond the gray mass based on new discoveries and achievements. The goal is: to saw, to destroy, and eventually to actually reduce an individual to the scale of yet another small screw of a large mechanism called “society”; to make the subject of transformation fall under the category of gray mass, “just like everyone else,” make him or her into an easy-to-use social product. Specifically this process, which is also called by the word “socialization,” is the task of this woman’s life. Another property of her transformations is that she acts in the role of Procrustean bed, ruthlessly breaking limbs of those who were laid in it, those who turned out to be above standards, and forcibly pulling limbs of those, who do not live up to the etalon accepted in society. In short, all actions of a woman born on January 28th of common years are directed at either, so to speak, re-dyeing a white crow into the “right” color, or destroying it. And, in this her success rate could not be better…”

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