Description Of Boys (1-7 Years Old) Born On July 25th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of boys (1-7 years old) born on July 25th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“It should be noted right away that although this is a little boy, a child—a boy born on July 25th of common years is a strongly pronounced male: very active, agile, curious, ready to actively explore the surrounding world. During periods when this child is awake, he shows a burning, genuine interest in everything that happens around; no matter how old, he is very interested in everything and everyone around him. Since by nature this little man is very combative, it would be very good if as early on as possible adults would begin to gently wrestle, measure strengths with him in any forms: using fingers, various toys, and so on. Of course, ideally the child’s father (or the man, who raises him) should do this. The point is that from a very early age this child, who by nature has such a developed male essence, should begin to develop and train his muscles. Also, as a strongly pronounced male (as befits real boys), this child is extremely restless and belongs to the category of those children, who are called daredevils because they always get in trouble. Unfortunately, the following occurs often in his life: he cuts and burns himself, falls and gets hurt, etc. Therefore, adults should keep in mind that due to extreme activeness of this child there are a number of specific situations, which pose threats to him. Unfortunately, he tries to get into such situations. For example, fire: this boy will fearlessly explore fire in all shapes and forms, whether it is a gas stove or someone’s lit cigarette. In general, his favorite toys are reflective, shiny, sparkling objects, which shine like the sun. Items similar to Christmas tree decorations attract and delight him very much. This sympathy can manifest and be exploited, so to speak, peacefully and safely; for example, in the form of shiny, reflective inserts on clothes. However, mirrors, magnifiers and other type of glass are a different story because they are very fragile and can break, especially in the hands of children. This can end up in traumas of varying severity: a child might cut himself or swallow pieces of glass. Doubting that this child will do everything in order to smash or crush some shiny object is not recommended and it is better to take preventive measures. For example, an alternative to dangerous and fragile items can be some light reflecting items, which are not as dangerous as glass. However, active exploration of the world and dangers associated with them, unfortunately, do not end here.

A boy born on July 25th of common years also has another passion: he likes to touch things that have a relief. For example, consider toys. The texture of brightly painted nesting dolls is absolutely smooth, so they are not dangerous. However, naturally, many things have a relief, including body parts of humans and animals. Never mind if he rips a button off someone’s clothes, pulls on someone’s earring or pendant, or regularly pulls his mom’s and dad’s noses, ears or hair. These experiments are not as dangerous as those, during which this kid’s exploration continues on, for example, pets! Of course, with great interest this child will pull on tails, ears, etc. of indoor or even outdoor cats, dogs, and birds. The trouble is that his experiments will not end at this and sooner or later it certainly will come to his mind to winkle out a neighbor’s Rottweiler eye or unscrew a Bull Terrier’s tail or ear. Moreover, this child will certainly try to solve this problem instrumentally by using some object (for example, a children’s trowel or a stick). And, unlike humans, animals often do not take children’s jokes well! There is only one option: it must be explained to this child that there is a difference between living creatures and toys. It is necessary to explain what this difference is and what kind of negative consequences some of his experiments with representatives of the animal world can bring.

Another danger is in that this little man wants not only to touch everything with his own hands, but also “test the strength” by smashing, breaking, tearing and disassembling things into components. In other words, if he gets his hands on a piece of paper or a book, then the first thing he will want to do is to tear it up; as for a toy or any other object—he will want to take it apart, to look inside. Great precautions should be taken in situations when sharp objects can get in this child’s hands. Apart from the obvious danger to his own health and life, he can also cause damage to the environment: everything that can be cut or pierced will be hopelessly destroyed. Also, adults need to prepare for that this child will very active explore various openings, gaps and slots no matter where: in a stroller, in an apartment, in a crib, etc. The following question interests him: what can be put into and taken out of these openings? Adults must understand that sooner or later he will become interested in a power socket and without giving it too much thought this kid will start looking for answers…

However, despite all the difficulties that activeness of this little man brings to adults, there is no need to persuade a boy born on July 25th of common years to “calm down” or limit his activeness. This curious and restless boy was created by nature to be like this and there is no need to try to make him an apathetic, frightened and passive deadhead. Especially since it cannot be done…”

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