Description Of Men Born On July 13th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on July 13th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on July 13th of leap years preaches the philosophy of optimism, offering himself as a joyous panacea from failures, frustrations, misfortunes and troubles, which, unfortunately, happen in life of any person. That is, he is capable of and ready to bring positivism into the lives of others. This person is convinced that the world must be arranged in a way that life brings something bright, positive, more joy to people. He thinks that love of life, goodness, joy and blessing are those forces, which will prevail sooner or later and will take precedence over human malice and misfortunes. From his point of view, the life-affirming philosophy, which he suggests is the only miraculous, universal tool that can help humanity not only survive, but also, finally, live truly well! He has the following peculiarity: he tries to transform any situation into a life-affirming one. By nature, he is a noble, generous and very kind knight. This man is a desperate joker, a merrymaker. Not only does he fully support the American motto “Smile!”—he embodies this principle. He himself smiles a lot, especially in communication. He loves jolly stories and fun pastime, especially among friends, where he can be what is called “a jester.” In general, in any relationships he seeks to ensure that his opponent or opponents perceive any information, any events with humor and a smile. If he asks someone to do something or even orders like a boss (and, he always does it calmly and benevolently), he expects exactly the same from others: he expects that in return his interlocutor will also be benevolent, kind and smile back. This man is sincere, open-hearted and fair with others. He is devoted not only to his friends; the main thing is his devotion to the love of life, to the thesis about that in nature, in society beauty and kindness win. However, despite his courageous and even somewhat fantastic dreams of turning the world into paradise, he is not at all a stupid person, and he sees very well that the world around him is not like that. This does not stop him in his efforts to make the world a better place and only encourages him to create his own world—a world with friends, like-minded people and colleagues; a world of normal, good relations, as well as joyful ingenuousness and optimism. His actively joyful, life-affirming self drops him a hint that the more there will be good, honest people like himself—the more beautiful our world will be. After all, there are so many cataclysms in the world, and he thinks that people’s lives are so bad and difficult only because there is too much anger in them; if only they would be a bit kinder, then for sure everything would be different.

In essence a man born on July 13th of leap years is a talented person with serious potential. In this case, it is possible to say that there is a presence of both creative and sexual potency, as two closely inter-related magnitudes, which do not contradict each other. And, his potency, his energy literally overflow! It is as if he is pumped with energy on the inside like a balloon. Hence, when people look at him they often say: “What a lively and warm person!” This man lives, so to speak, deliciously (meaning, with appetite). He is energetic, humorous, naughty, brave, wild, and boisterous. His undoubted merit is that he always looks into the future with hope and optimism no matter what happens and no matter which turn life takes. It is as if he says: “Well, yes, things are not going well today. However, it is not a reason to be upset and grieve because of it. And, even more so, it is not a reason to give up! Anyway someday things will be all right again, and maybe even better than they were!” In any situation (no matter how difficult) he is convinced that, as the saying goes: “The sun will shine into our yard too!” However, he is not a man “in pink glasses;” on the contrary, he is always able to see the situation clearly and he is an excellent observer, who follows developments closely. With all the objective evidence, things happening on the inside of a person are much more important to him. He is concerned whether the state of joy and love of life is maintained because only this always helps keep composure and allows not to lose heart no matter what happens.

An important point when considering characteristics of this individual is that, in spite of particular philosophy inherent in this person, in many ways he depends on education and upbringing, on standards that life set in him (with or without help of parents). This person follows standards, quite strict rules, principles, views and it is extremely problematic (if not impossible) to radically change them. He belongs to the category of stubborn people. Sometimes he can be flexible, but usually within those standards, which were established during upbringing. Under optimal educational and upbringing processes this person is a kind sir, who seeks to stand by his brilliant education, erudition, family, and traditions. However, in this case, a lot depends on what kind of environment he grew up in. Although it should be noted that in cases when there was no favorable environment, anyway he will try to make something out of himself and make himself an individual independently. Such people are also called people of natural gifts.

Another peculiarity of a man born on July 13th of leap years is that he thinks that all people should not only live joyfully, but also be rich. Meaning: beauty and kindness are certainly good, but combined with money—even better! Besides, what else should be well paid for in this world if not kindness and beauty? In other words, this person considers financial wealth as one of the important factors…”

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