Description Of Women Born On July 11th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on July 11th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“Considered individual is a woman-priestess, who sacrificially devoted herself to serving a higher being (god or gods, spirits, devil) or a higher idea (scientific, religious, ideological, esoteric, philosophical). At some point in her life, this woman as if becomes fixated on something and refuses to go any further. From this point on, she begins to resemble a tram that rolls on its tracks in a constant direction, at a constant speed, with incredible goal-directedness and the same destructive power aimed at anyone, who tries to stand in its way. A woman born on July 11th of leap years begins to judge everything from, so to speak, the tower, which she climbed, and from now on she does not consider and does not want to consider anything from any other perspective. Regardless of the issue being discussed, right away this woman climbs up her tower and says something like: “As it is written in Holy Scriptures…” or “According to the theory of relativity…” or “Rosicrucian Manifestos state…” or “According to principles of dialectical materialism…” or “Taking the path of Sefer Yetzirah…” Very soon this woman becomes uninterested in learning anything that is outside the area she selected (meaning—her scientific interests, religion, chosen ideology, philosophical or mystical direction). Initially, only that what is at least somewhat related to the object of her activities or worship can get her interest and attention. She studies only those matters, materials, directions, thoughts and opinions, which can be interesting or useful from the standpoint of what she is engaged in. In a sense, this woman is tuned to reception of a certain type of information from the outside world, and eventually everything else becomes absolutely uninteresting to her because she perceives it all as interferences and noise, which only hinder her from being on the “wave” of that what she selected.

Due to her involvement with some knowledge, some important information, something higher this woman claims that she has invisible spiritual power. And, she claims that she has this power due to her knowledge of secret mechanisms that drive all things. She presents herself as someone who knows the Truth, the Royal Secret and has the Philosopher’s Stone or the Elixir of Life. In essence, a woman born on July 11th of leap years claims to know the truth—the only true reflection of objects and phenomena of reality on a knowing subject. This woman claims that she knows the basics and mechanisms of the world order. Ancient priests, who claimed to know the world order and the secret of mechanisms of influence on nature and people used this knowledge to make their predictions and often acted in the role of an oracle to make predictions in an allegorical, metaphorical form. That priestly caste had actual power in any country because priests could have power even over rulers of a country. As the saying goes, “in the image and likeness” of ancient priests, armed with hеr idea and faith, this woman also claims that she knows some laws—from the laws of the Universe to the laws of a recipe for a love potion. Magnitude of an idea, to the service of which she devoted herself, as well as the actual significance of this idea can differ and cab range widely—from delirium to genius. As always, it all depends on the level of intelligence, culture and education of this woman. Anyway, the direction is still the same: “I know the truth! I know how to use this knowledge to bring happiness to all humanity (to bewitch a man, to get what you want, to make it rain, etc.).” In other words, possessing specialized knowledge and some support (whether it is an ideology, god or devil, scientific technology, spirits of nature, a philosophical idea or astral beings), this woman is absolutely sure that she can predict and influence events, influence animals, natural phenomena, minds of other people, their actions or socio-political events.

Since this woman is very stable in terms of point of view acquired once and for all, and does not want to change it, she begins to build and realize her entire life from the standpoint of the selected idea in everything. And, from that point her entire life begins to continue rather for the sake of someone or something. Once she chooses herself a deity (personified or not)—she brings sacrifices in the form of some actions, things, and so on, down to the very fact of her life. This person “puts everything on the altar” and it does not matter what kind of altar: Christianity, Kabbalah, democracy or quantum physics, Hegelianism, Confucianism or Brotherhood of the Rose Cross. Her communication circle narrows greatly to consist only of a greater or lesser number of like-minded people. A woman born on July 11th of leap years not only sacrifices herself, as a person who chose the path to serve, but also seeks to ensure that other people get involved in her “sacrifices”: religious and mystical rites, scientific research, meetings and demonstrations, philosophical discussions…”

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