Description Of Women Born On July 15th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on July 15th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on July 15th of common years belongs to the category joyful people, but her kind of cheerfulness is peculiar and gets expressed mainly among friends and members of her household. Externally this quality manifests in that she expresses her views, thoughts and even gives orders with a smile. In communication with someone, she likes to say something good, pleasant to her interlocutor. If she does not have major health problems, then her cheeks are rosy. People often say that “she has a healthy complexion.” This woman’s cheerful disposition gets expressed in that she can laugh and joke for no apparent reason, just for the sake of entertainment, just for fun. She loves all sorts of festivities: carnivals, parties—in over words, anywhere where there is joy. In this sense, she would like her entire life to be a never-ending New Year’s Eve—a holiday that she loves more than any other because everything around glistens and sparkles, there are disco balls, confetti, laughter, jokes, etc. This woman also loves to give and receive gifts. She is one of those people, with whom one is unlikely to get bored even at a wake because she will try to make a fun event even out of a very sad one. And, she lives based on the following principle: “If one is to die he’d make it good!” By nature this is a very positive person. For example, her distinguishing trait is that she manages to see the good even in the most disgusting, unpleasant things, events and people. She also has quite a rare quality: the ability to be happy for other people’s successes. She is a sincere, dedicated and very well-wishing person. She is attracted by the style of behavior that does not require acting and one can be sincere, honest and not hide anything. She also knows how to be grateful. And, she has a very positive opinion about herself as well: she considers herself beautiful, noble in appearance and soul, and in general she is not like the others—in other words she loves and cherishes herself. This woman loves life in general. Cheerfulness as the quality of this individual is expressed in her steady appetite on all parameters. She has intellectual appetite in the form of curiosity, thirst for knowledge, appetite in nutritional sense, in the sexual factor, and so on. A zest for life, love of life is also expressed in that regardless of her age she considers herself eternally young. And, she does everything to always remain young, despite that sometimes it is difficult to do since a stormy life full of many carnal pleasures leaves its mark; nevertheless she does not cease to carry out actions in this direction. If this woman would have lived about three hundred years ago, then it is possible that she would engage in alchemy, search for the philosopher’s stone, a pill of eternal youth and immortality or something like that. And, despite her goodwill, considered person will always strongly defend her right in the environment to live a life of pleasure. In general, in cases when it is necessary to defend her principles she always holds on to her views very firmly. And, one of these principles is the principle of pleasure. This is something for which she will fight and will not allow anyone to destroy it in her life. This is a person, who seeks pleasures and always finds them in a variety of situations and places. With regard to places, the range can be very wide—from places of frivolous amusement, joints where one can indulge in any passions openly and without any hesitation to finer and more fashionable places for all sorts of entertainment. She is, so to speak, an all-weather pleasure seeker: no matter if it is a desert or a kingdom of permafrost… However, despite her upbringing and debauchery, she certainly will declare her commitment to moral and ethical principles.

Also, by nature a woman born on July 15th of common years is an eternal seeker of true philosophy in the form of life recipes, truly wise thoughts as a panacea for all ills and misfortunes, which can only happen to a person. On this path, she might become a nun, a hermit or a servant of some cult. She might even end up in a monastery. (It should be noted that she will be a very cheerful nun, who will not lose her love for carnal pleasures even surrounded by walls of a monastery.) In principle, the search for something (whether it is ancient knowledge or ancient treasures) is inherent in this woman. She thinks that all that can be unearthed, found, dug up must be found: from gold, diamond or gems deposits to unique ancient structures or ancient manuscripts. Since if something in this world is not known she feels discomfort and anxiety. However, on the other hand, she fears that in order to gain knowledge sometimes it is necessary to take paths, which have not yet been explored. She thinks that it is much better when someone already went through everything before you and now everything is clear to you.

This woman has a passion for material valuables: money, gold and luxury related to them. A woman born on July 15th of common years is from the category of those about whom people say that they have gold fever. However, there is another peculiarity: being a fan of luxury life, this woman has the ability to make do with little, even when there are considerable resources in her bank accounts. In other words, even if she is wealthy, she can lead a life of a poor person: for example, she can have a frugal home and so on. Prosperity, felicity of this woman is in presenting herself as a noble woman, who has superhuman, supernatural abilities. Also, she wants to be a person, who gave her life to goodness, faith, hope, love and other values from this category. Therefore, she thinks that if there is bread and rice—very well, if there is a roof over her head—great! One must be and live simpler. If there is a straw mat—excellent! There is some stale bread—wonderful! According to her views, a person’s happiness is not in the stomach and not in comfort. And, her love for “filthy lucre” can transform her life into a life of an avid adventurer seeker like Indiana Jones in a female guise. For example, she might become a professional seeker of treasures…”

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