Description Of Women Born On July 26th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on July 26th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on July 26th of common years can be compared to a lubricant in a motor or some mechanism. Like machine oil her function is to wash, lave, rewash, dilute—in short, to ensure that a mechanism works properly. Only in this case, such a mechanism can be any group of people: a group of friends or coworkers, a creative community, a work team, family… This woman is very communicable, has many acquaintances and often this quality of hers gets realized in a team or a group, which she organized. For example, she can be a radio journalist, who organizes live interviews or conferences, or an employee at a large firm, who organizes corporate events. Or she can be a housewife, who decided to invite her spouse’s business partners or organized a reunion with her former classmates. Constantly being in some community, among a large number of people, this woman performs the function of a lubricant for interaction: she ensures that gathered people feel comfortable and free in communication, talk, do business, exchange ideas, and so on. During various events she assumes the responsibility of acquainting everyone, helps each person make contact with other group members, ensures mutual understanding, makes sure that it is easier for people to communicate with each other psychologically (for example, in order to do this, she might use alcohol as one of the proven means for people to get closer). Also, she ensures presence of the participants, makes sure that everyone attends (for example, by sending invitations and then calling everyone involved in the gathering to remind them). In other words, she does everything to make sure that invited participants get assembled. This woman certainly loves and knows how to communicate and be a part of a team, but there is another motivation for her constant presence in the masses. The thing is that (especially in her youth) this woman seeks to periodically let some innovations into her life. And, one of the goals of having a great number of acquaintances, gatherings and events in her life is to be able to constantly get some new impressions, experiences, information and ideas from the environment; in short, this allows her to get regular, so to speak, “injections” of something new and unusual. It should also be noted that the most attractive communities for this woman are those, in which everyone is socially equipped, stable and there are prospects for long-term coexistence.

All parameters of a woman born on July 26th of common years are tinted with at times strange and ridiculous behavior, which to an observer seems excessive, monstrous, unhealthy, crazy, senseless, and abnormal. It is possible to say that she is оdd. This quality is her natural peculiarity, and so the definition “odd” is nothing more than an external evaluation due to standard perception imposed by society. After all, as it is known, there is a stable habit in society to base on some typical examples, models. This phenomenon is reflected perfectly in the following sayings: “He is majestic like an emperor” or “He is fearless like a kamikaze” or “She is helpless like a child” or “She is tender like a mother.” Specific qualities and general style of behavior get attributed to each social role. At first, this woman also seems recognizable, but then everything changes suddenly and quite unexpectedly… For example, she comes to a business meeting appearing like a businesswoman, who corresponds to her status and the situation on all parameters: she looks businesslike, she is dressed appropriately and behaves adequately. Then, those who are present at the meeting see anyone but a woman who is there to do business: she starts behaving like a seductress; even worse—like a lady of easy virtue! Her words, facial expressions, posture and actions are very far from the code of business conduct and no longer meet the standards of businesswoman behavior. Or, for example, at the beginning of a business meeting, she can propose a serious, interesting idea and then, as the saying goes, “without declaring a war” start telling stories about her children or relatives, joke or move on to telling stories about how she spent her vacation. Another example: this woman is well dressed, seems very intelligent and stays within certain limits, but after she has a couple of drinks she transforms completely, changes radically. A woman born on July 26th of common years suddenly turns into an unbridled, sexually concerned woman, who tells dirty jokes, laughs loudly, and practically strips in front of the astonished audience at a respectable gathering. And then, right in front of everyone, she starts to persistently come onto someone of the opposite sex. This is absolutely incomprehensible to the surrounding people. They think: “How can this be?!” Half an hour ago she was a calm, mellow, cultured woman, and then suddenly she got drunk “as a skunk,” kicked up a row and started pestering respectable people, whose behavior did not give her the right to be this way! However, as already mentioned, quick and radical change in appearance and behavior of this woman is not always due to the state of alcoholic intoxication: shapeshifting can occur just like that, “out of the blue” and without any drugs.

However, strangeness of this woman does not end at this. Her preferences and interests are also very unusual…


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