Description Of Women Born On July 6th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on July 6th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on July 6th of common years has only one goal in life: absolute power. Naturally, she is well aware that the highest form of power in society is power over people’s minds because this ensures power over people’s lives. It is this highest level of influence that this person wants to have. She is focused on reaching high social levels and it is not surprising that in her environment, no matter who she is, this woman always tries to occupy a position of a manager, a leader, a chief or a boss. In other words: if not a queen, then at least someone like the first wife of a padishah, who is kind of a padishah, but tamed and all the power is, in fact, in different hands—in the hands of his wife.

The idea of getting an opportunity to decide destinies of a huge number of people (up to the scale of the global community), to change them—attracts this woman just as much as a magnet attracts a paper clip. However, she is not just a dreamer. For the sake of her dream (raised to the rank of the highest goal), this person will seek to accumulate a variety of resources, including personal qualities: a powerful intellect, the highest level of erudition and a corresponding reputation. And, of course, she will strive to have influential friends and a strong financial base. Certainly this, so to speak, “gentleman’s set” will quite strongly depend on the culture and traditions of this woman’s country of residence and will quite strongly vary in a wide range of social values. As it is known, in some parts of the world, especially valuable objects of possession and accumulation are information, knowledge, intellectual power—in this case, this person will work on gaining of the status of a smart, educated, erudite, well-informed woman. And, in some other parts of the world, completely different things are much highly valued and demanded—for example, huge herds of cows, goats and sheep, and one who has them is considered the most respected. Well, then a woman born on July 6th of common years will engage in gathering of this type of valuables and begin collecting cattle, including small-size cattle. If in her country of residence morals, ethics, religiosity, or, for example, certain contribution to the life of society are prized above gold, then she thinks: why not acquire all of the above in multitude? And, if the society in which she lives worships the golden calf and money that a person possesses (regardless of other, for example, personal qualities) automatically increase his or her value, rating, social status, place him or her atop of the social ladder—then, all her efforts will be devoted to acquisition of a solid financial base. However, in any culture this woman will strive to become a notable, authoritative, significant figure and will seek to become the model of best qualities; when looking at this woman, there will be not doubt that she deserves to occupy the highest position in society, to be the ruler, the holder of the highest form of managerial power. Although at times this person might feel despondent (she might experience, so to speak, waves of low-spiritedness, depressed states, in other words, the blues, when suddenly she begins to think of herself as unfortunate, that everything is bad, and so on)—this spleen does not last very long. The blues passes and again this woman is active, mighty and is eager, so to speak, to take the wheel, that is—to regulate huge social areas, decide people’s destinies. Again, she turns into a person to whom others listen and one who can really be a real authority to her subordinates, and, of course, one who is capable of changing their fates. By the way, even though by nature she is a leader, she does not wish to be a walking icon, as this person is strongly against being an idol for someone. Also, she does not wish to be a preceptor, a person who knows everything about everything and constantly teaches others how to live, a visionary, or a forecaster. Being the law for her own self and for others is much more important for her.

This woman perceives herself as a great and powerful personality. She thinks that she must be an etalon and everything that relates to her must be of etalon quality. And, she is ready, so to speak, to tear herself apart to achieve this goal. In her individual case, pride and arrogance are normal, natural qualities of personality. Since health allows (and, usually, the state of her health is excellent), why not behave arrogantly, why not walk around with nose pointing up and declare complete permissiveness for her own self? In this sense, she appears as an extremely pampered person: haughty, arrogant, and reckless, especially in his youth. One of the most favorite self-presentations is to show herself as a woman, who is not afraid of anything, to whom everything is available, that she is a law unto herself, that she is a queen and a goddess to herself! It is a common thing for her to show self-will, put on the ritz, be flush with money, and make grand gestures. However, even this is not enough for her: she is convinced that everyone must know how strong and smart she is; in other words—wonderful in all respects! To realize this, she might use public speaking, public promises, and persistent self-advertisement. In other words, a woman born on July 6th of common years, metaphorically speaking, loudly broadcasts how outstanding and wonderful she is…”

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