Description Of Men Born On June 18th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on June 18th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“In principle, it is possible to call a man born on June 18th of leap years a float; figuratively speaking, of course. He considers life to be something like events in a movie where one is a participant in the status of a movie star and at the same time a viewer, who forgets the plot of the movie he just watched upon exiting the movie theater. As a float this person does not burden himself with thoughts too much. However, always and with pleasure he is ready to show himself in all his glory, to do something shocking, so to speak, to put on a show. The main thing is to show off! At first glance, specialized learning is unnecessary for him. He throws dust in eyes using professional slang and an intelligent facial expression—something like a joke from the world of artists: “Have you read Rembrandt?” – a painter threateningly asks a woman. “No!” – she answers in fright. “To bed!” – the maestro roars.

The main subject, which is always under close attention of this person, is his own greatness. Considered individual is convinced that he is the very best in every respect and literally overshadows the Sun—that is how great and mighty he is! And, first of all, as it seems to him, he does it with the irrationality of the genius. And, this irrationality needs to be shown to all and everyone; this is why he makes a big fuss over it everywhere and anywhere, and runs around with it making a cloud of dust. Sometimes he drops out of sight to think up something original. He is absent, as if he died, but not for long—soon he will rise unexpectedly for all and again powder everyone’s eyes with gold dust of his unpredictable genius. To put it briefly—he is a screwball. Whatever twists and turns his life takes, his life credo is as follows: “This too shall pass! All is vanity.” Affairs are good if they end well, but if they end badly that is okay too. It is not a big deal, he thinks—there was a streak of good luck, then bad luck, so the next streak in no way can be unlucky!

Nevertheless, sometimes this individual is consumed by higher impulses about the future, about prospects… However, surrounding people demand and judge everyone based on the current situation: how rich you are, how influential, what distinctive attributes you have. That is, whether you have a car, a bank account, an apartment or a house, and so forth. However, a man born on June 18th of leap years always gets out of such situations with ease. The essence is simple: if from birth you are not a duke, your father is not a prince, your family does not own an oil fleet, then it is not a sin and to lie a little—there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to check—go ahead, no one will give you the address anyway.

However, despite some recklessness of the considered individual, if safety or health of his immediate family is at stake, then all his light-mindedness disappears. He begins to function as a smoothly running fighting machine or at least he tries to correspond to a mechanism of this level. The goal is clear—to protect, to save his relatives. In the tactical aspect he uses all lawful and illegal ways of rescue. In such situation he does not care about someone else’s schedule or about satisfaction of his own needs or even more so whims. Everything concentrates on achievement of the goal. This individual will have all the necessities with him: travel things in case it will be necessary to spend the night somewhere urgently, necessary documents, means of communication, a weapon and so on depending on the situation. During such period his analytic skills work at full capacity and very precisely; he estimates the level of trouble based on the situation and then quickly finds solutions, engages necessary people, old friends… This individual becomes rigid and specific in his actions. If necessary, he will bribe or treat someone, carefully prepare official papers, explain everything in detail, collect and gather needed information, put a tail on someone if needed, wiretap, and organize any oppression of the enemies. “War” activities are precisely distributed sequentially, depending on the degree of importance of strictly specific local areas. For example, being a lawyer, a prosecutor, a judge or an investigator this person will rank all current affairs by zones. These zones have a strict hierarchy, which can change, but there is always an exact knowledge of when, where, and at what time it is necessary to engage in a particular activity. By the way, for professional work he does not require special conditions, as he can manage with very little: a small room, a cheap hotel, the bare minimum for personal hygiene.

Naturally, being professionally engaged in the field of jurisprudence, this person will never forget about his own benefits. First of all, it is the financial side of business, as well as acquisition of necessary acquaintances, which would help him in his successful career as a lawyer and provide convincing preventive measures. Since, as a man born on June 18th of leap years sees it, it is necessary to ensure that he will always get out of trouble with minimal losses. And, this should be ensured in advance because it will be too late when the rooftop is already burning, when it is necessary to run. Therefore, it is necessary to hold his hand on the pulse of the occurring events. It is necessary to know who said what, who did (or wants to do) what and whether these actions are dangerous to his own lovely self. This man is convinced that it is always necessary to monitor, analyze everything, and he calms down only when minor mistakes in regard to affairs are fruits of his own imagination…”

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