Description Of Women Born On June 21st Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on June 21st of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A characteristic peculiarity of a woman born on June 21st of common years is that she presents a completed process: she was created, formed completely—she is a mature, developed, whole individual, for whom additions, changes, modifications are not needed. She is, so to speak, fully “equipped;” even more so—perfect.

Self-sentiment of this person is that she feels like, so to speak, a completely finished product. No matter who she is (even if she is a very young woman), this woman considers herself an already and fully accomplished person. In her personal perceptions she is a heroine, a person who achieved everything, knows everything and does not need to be perfected. Her perfection appears refined—mature perfection of a woman with seasoned life experience, even if she is young.

The thing is that one of the key qualities of this individual is her pursuit of completeness as such. However, this applies not only to her opinion of self, but also, for example, to that when she starts something—she certainly will try to complete it. No matter what! From nothing, from raw materials she necessarily must make something that is finished. It cannot be any another way because she thinks that any undertaking should eventually become whole and be brought to its logical end.

To finish, to bring things to an end—that is the strict algorithm of actions of this woman. This applies to all of her activities. The result in the form of completeness is not an accident, and the entire process (from beginning to end) gets carefully planned. When a woman born on June 21st of common years begins something, she is sure to calculate the algorithm of the action, will determine the time during which it is necessary to finish it, and will strive to meet the specific set deadline. This quality can be expressed not only in her professional activities (for example, as an auditor or an accountant, who performs brilliantly year after year, or as an administrator, who achieves great results by working with a team), but also there will never be anything unfinished in her home.

The tendency for completeness is present in her intellectual factors as well. In her perceptions, this person bases on the assumption that no matter what goes on in life—at some point everything will end (and, end well). Even in a case of a terminally ill person, for whom there can be only one end—death, she will still consider this event as if through the lens of Hollywood scripts under the title “happy end;” possibly because for her the end of a process is a positive development in itself.

Also, being extremely persistent in the process of realization of the algorithm presented above, even if she stumbles in life, makes mistakes, suffers setbacks—anyway she will strive to finish everything. If she conceives some process, there is no doubt that she already has a clear image of what she wants to get as a result. Meaning that there is a clear understanding of the method(s) to solve the problem at hand and about what the “output” should be. This woman thinks that all half-baked actions lead to undesirable consequences, to lack of results.

When looking at this woman one might think that everything is her life is “grown-up,” thorough, careful, and serious! She is certainly a consistent person, who seeks to do everything in order, step-by-step. Her tendency can be expressed by the following allegory: layered cake. “Layering” is expressed in everything. Including in that she might choose research in the field of chemistry as her scientific studies, where observance of strict sequence of actions is necessary; or in that she prefers puff pastries in her dietological factor. Or, for example, consider her sexual factor. She can be called a respectable woman because like a decent woman she engages in sex with everyone in order. She will replace one husband (or sexual partner) with another and there will be no overlaps or combining. This trend is expressed in the physical factor as well; for example, in clothing. The following can be said about people like her: “dressed like a cabbage.”

Seriousness of this individual is also caused by her heightened sense of responsibility. This woman is convinced: if you, for example, get plants for your home, then they should not just stand there and dry out—they must be cared for. And, if you have children, then they must be cared for even more so: brought-up, taught, educated. Serious attitude towards agreements gets added to this quality and with time this woman becomes known as a person who can be counted on in affairs. If she is in a partnership with someone and there is some failure, then she will not disappear—on the contrary, she will stand next to the head of the failed enterprise, no matter how bad the case is. A woman born on June 21st of common years is a stoic woman. She is able to pass all tests that fate brings her due to huge degree of survival…”

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