Description Of Women Born On June 21st Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on June 21st of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on June 21st of leap years is not an individualist. This woman is different in that she cannot be alone. In her case, it is much more natural to always be in society, in a group and to act in a union with someone. Her environment is the diversity of forms of human unions: communities, companies, commissions, cooperatives, clubs, parties, and so on. It might seem to an observer that this individual is always in some communication process. All the time she meets, interacts and communicates with someone, participates in some meetings, fairs, exhibitions and assemblies, attends receptions and presentations, and hurries to some negotiations. This woman, so to speak, “has a finger in every pie.” She justly thinks that she must have the most complete information about everything that happens around her. It is even possible that in order to maximize communications and her understanding, this woman will engage in linguistics and become a true polyglot, who is fluent in several foreign languages. In addition, she can perfectly fit into local customs of particular people. Study of the environment not only increases her communicative qualities, but also helps her avoid negative and sometimes frankly dangerous situations: “Forewarned is forearmed.” However, she is not just one of the women in a large crowd. A characteristic peculiarity of this individual is that she strives to become the center of attraction for many people; a center, to which all roads would lead (like to Rome). Like a magnet, she is capable of gathering, uniting a huge number of people around herself. Since she thinks that if a large number of people come together, then it becomes quite possible (by analogy with a magnifying glass) to “burn” some grand, epochal affair.

Also, this woman is used to taking an interest in arrangement of any social forces. For example, being an economist, she will never forget to inquire about the main financial and political powers, and in order to solve this problem will always look for correct criteria, the exact measure in order not to make a mistake. Having analytical abilities, she constantly compares people, develops some of her own methods of measure in addition to already existing ones. And, after a woman born on June 21st of leap years measures—she sorts, as if putting each person into his or her own shelf. Every time this individual as if takes a piece of paper from a squared notebook and assigns each character to its own square. Due to these peculiarities, over time she accumulates huge experience in communications, and becomes a good manipulator and manager. Above-mentioned qualities combined with constantly being among people can make her a great sociologist, a political scientist or a journalist. In principle, she is capable of becoming any kind of expert, whose responsibilities include being well informed, knowing what and where is happening with whom, keeping a finger on the pulse, and closely monitoring some social development. Her peculiarities and talents can be successfully realized in sales; for example, in marketing—a complex of affairs related to study of demand and optimum sales of some product. This combination of qualities makes her a seller, who is able and willing to sell anything: from small things at a flea market to exclusive goods or huge quantities of goods.

Her professional activities are always related to communication. Only the level of activity changes with experience and acquisition of new knowledge. For example, if she starts organizing reception of tourist groups at some hotel, then (after a certain time period and, of course, having special training) she will be able to hold meetings at the highest level just as well.

She is not only capable of being in the center, in the midst of some events, but also can feel a situation very well. This often allows her to choose the right moment and smoothly, naturally present herself in all her glory and “fit right in.” And, she can do this in the shortest possible time, very professionally and very effectively. She uses mimicry in order to do this. For example, at times this woman shows certain directness. However, being a person, who feels any situation very well, this quality will manifest strictly at the right place and time. She will do the same when in order to make a successful contact it is necessary to appear open and straightforward. Her other qualities can manifest according to the same algorithm: once she finds out what exactly needs to be demonstrated and how she must present herself—she will do it without hesitation. And, she will do it well. If necessary, she will get into that position, which a situation offers. Also, a woman born on June 21st of leap years will maximally correspond to a position that she occupies in society by using social roles. For example, a judge must appear strict, honest, just, and incorruptible—therefore, she will try to present specifically these qualities…”

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