Description Of Women Born On June 29th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on June 29th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on June 29th of leap years is a mystery woman because anyone who comes into contact with her has the same question: “Who is she, what is she really like?” However, people are unable to find out and the conclusion is usually the same: “I cannot understand!” Mysteriousness, incomprehensibility and indeterminacy of this woman are related to algorithms of her life, one of which can be compared to a kaleidoscope’s mosaic when identical stones create a new image with every turn. Identical stones because this person has a stable, unchanging “garden,” in which she lives: a circle of friends and acquaintances, professional duties and contacts, interests, strategies and tactics, activities, pastimes, and habits. This strictly defined circle forms in childhood and depends on what her parents and the environment, in which she was brought up, were able to instill in her. Over time corrections or additions are made, but usually they are minor. Day after day, year after year she always has the same affairs, places for entertainment and recreation, goes to the same shops, and socializes with the same people… However, from the same elements of her life every time, situationally she creates new, unique schemes for short periods of time and these schemes (like images in a kaleidoscope) never repeat. This is what creates the impression of constant change, and thus elusiveness, mystery. Every morning this woman determines how things are going today. And, since she does not have a strict day-to-day schedule and instead there is a constant choice based on her own algorithms “important/secondary”, “acceptance/rejection”—her affairs get constantly shuffled among themselves. This allows her to clearly resonate with everything that happens. Since she understands that not only a human can affect the environment, but also the world (people, nature, events) also affect a human, and a human (whether he or she likes it or not) depends on these conditions. This woman picks up on the influence of each day and this allows her to pre-calculate problems that are already coming and to act according to a flexible scheme: there is a precedent and there are objectives. With such a lifestyle, there is only one daily objective: to flexibly fit into a new day with new conditions, to slip by, and thereby survive in each new day.

The second reason of mystique of this woman, her incomprehensibility for other people is her duality. On the one hand, she is a bright, clear, radiant, kind goddess, a fairy, while on the other hand she is a surrounded by darkness cunning, cruel witch, who does evil and violence. In reality, she is a combination of both; she is controversial by nature. On the one hand, she has a self-sentiment of a pure spring, a source, a beginning, which she invites to join, to partake in as a life-giving source. During moments when her life goes as it should, she as if blossoms: she is merry, radiant, and warm. She can be a life-giving force that wants to make everyone around her warm. A woman born on June 29th of leap years is gracious, active, optimistic, sexy, romantic, flawless, noble in body and soul, bright, beautiful, stylish, business oriented—in short, full of life. She is wonderful in her demonstrativeness, straightforward and open; she openly praises, applauds. She wants to do good for people, to communicate beautifully, to participate in all conceivable and unconceivable charity events, holidays and presentations, organize celebrations, participate in sweet intrigues, discuss great prospects and grandiose plans, run somewhere, and fly from one country to another like a dove of peace. She all burns with passion: not a woman, but the sun! She stoically puts up with series of misfortunes. Being under certain circumstances helps this woman shine brightly among people, and carefree and carelessly represent a sun-loving plant. For example, under circumstances when she can consider herself a wealthy woman with a stable financial position, which allows her to live in luxury, have a lot of gold, treasures and money in her personal accounts; when debits and credits balance out and a lot of money still remains; when at any time she can open her safe, put the money on a lacquered table and recount. And, a rich husband, this dear “wallet on legs” is with her; and, she has as many diamonds as there are beans in a jar; and, her house is like a full cup, and her closets burst from exclusive and expensive clothes; etc.

If there is no money, then the sun goes behind a cloud and her face becomes sad and angry. When she smells presence of money, she is ready to fight for it in order to satisfy her desire to live in luxury, which is possible only with money. In this process, she is capable of any vileness. Light from this sun gets replaced by terrible, complete darkness, and she turns into a woman, who is ready to make life of any person hell for the sake of money. Moreover, she will always do everything secretly. And, she is quite persistent in this process. This woman knows how to pre-calculate everything very well and acts cautiously, taking all necessary precautions and abiding by rules, rituals, etiquette, etc. A woman born on June 29th of leap years understands that a business person always needs “a mask,” and she clearly divides her behavior into official, “weekend” and working (secret and obvious; legal and illegal). During the day, joyfully and brightly, in a cotton dress she teaches kids at an elementary school about goodness and beauty, and then she says: “I need to leave,” waves at the kids with a hand in a white glove, smiles radiantly and … turns into an unbridled devil, who participates in sectarian sessions with trance, chants and wild rituals, or in Satanists’ events, or associates with rockers combining this with alcohol, drugs, orgies…”

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