Description Of Women Born On June 4th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on June 4th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“By her behavior, character and essence–a woman born on June 4th of leap years is a perpetual servant, a slave. She is always serving, waiting upon, trying to please someone. She has a wonderful ability to foresee desires of other people and act according to their wishes, while very flexibly adjusting to them: “The master is laughing and I’m laughing; the master is sad and I’ll be sad with him.” This individual is always guided by someone and without a “pointing and directing” force things are difficult for her (both psychologically and materially). She chooses a “master” (or “masters”) from the environment and begins to serve and attend to them. All this is supported by plenty of flattery, servility and captation on her part. At the same time, she has a sense of self of a person around whom the universe revolves and considers herself perfect on all factors. How can this be? She thinks that “Everything is possible for money.” The thing is that this woman chooses a person to serve and bootlick (whether her husband or her boss) not for nothing. Especially in times when it is necessary to find (keep) a material basis for her existence, this woman will not think for too long—she will act based on the principle: “Anything you want, any whim for your money!” She uses only one criterion: how a person can be useful to her. She thinks that we all live one day at a time and it is necessary to survive this day. However, by and large, her goal is to ensure an easy and preferably rich, comfortable, prosperous life for herself.

The thing is that this woman dreams of making her life a fairytale, to make some fabulous scenario into reality and it necessarily must have a happy ending. She is a fabler: she will make things up for other people (and do it better than Hans C. Andersen!) and will believe in them herself. To fantasize, to build illusory worlds and, of course, to tell great lies are usual things for this woman. And, she does this with or without reason. All the time she says something like this: “Just imagine what happened to me yesterday…” And, the fable begins: allegedly, this and that happened to her, and usually it is something absolutely incredible, something that is simply impossible to believe. What is notable is that her “fairytales” are mainly about how wonderful her life is (or how wonderfully she lived in the past or what surprisingly bright future she has). In essence, these tales are of the same type and fully reflect her real dream and what this woman seeks: princes, Arab sheiks, receptions, diamonds, palaces, ships, private planes, servants; in short, a life similar to Cleopatra’s, who bathes in milk daily and drinks ambrosia—either a goddess, or a sovereign. A distinctive characteristic of her behavior is that she does not tell the truth—not a single word. It is not difficult for her to come up with and tell everyone something like this: “Yesterday I received a letter from the Queen of England. We write to each other…” Absurd, but beautiful, she thinks. A woman born on June 4th of leap years is convinced that every person can (and must) live like in a fairytale and all means are good for this. For example, everything is possible if you very flexibly penetrate, enter relevant social strata (of wealthy and famous people—presidents, ministers, chairmen) and purposefully get to those places where this can be achieved. “We were born to make a fairytale come true!”

However, in order to actually make her fairytale a reality it is necessary to have money (and quite a considerable amount). Therefore, it is necessary to find them in the environment. To be even more specific, it is necessary to find those, who have money (men) with all the consequences, which result from this. And, this woman finds. If she manages to turn the subject of her interest into her husband, then this woman will do everything to make sure that he feels comfortable and well with her: “What would you like, my dear?” She will do laundry, iron, cook, buy groceries, create comfort in the house, keep it clean (unless the opposite is necessary—to maintain “a mess”)! With enthusiasm she will support any hobbies of her spouse, as well as any conversations; she will cherish any of his habits (sexual, nutritional, etc.), satisfy any of his wishes in regard to her appearance and behavior! Is it necessary to be quiet and modest? Sure! Or, on the contrary, is it necessary to express emotions and desires out loud and without hesitation? Of course! Is it necessary to be passionate? Cold and unapproachable? Neat? Dirty? No problem!

A woman born on June 4th of leap years is valuable in that she can be any for a person, whose favor and support she wants to have. She is ready to foresee thoughts, fulfill any wishes, and behave in any way that is necessary. And, it does not matter that her “master” is a fool, snotty, flipping, greasy freak—the most important thing is that he gives her money…”

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