Description Of Women Born On March 20th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on March 20th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on March 20th of leap years is characterized by that she literally gets worked up by everything that surrounds her. Moreover, as she gets worked up, she gradually begins to pick up speed, like a railway locomotive, which moves slowly at first for some time, but constantly increases speed and, eventually, moves at full steam ahead. Similarly, being set in motion by that what occurs around her, this woman gradually increases the speed of her actions, reactions, and so on, and at some point comes to a full gallop, like a horse that took a bit between its teeth. She gets all worked up slowly, and then becomes completely unstoppable. So, for example, at a party, she might shyly refuse invitations to dance or drink some alcohol. However, once she has a drink or two, she will not be able to stop until the moment when drinking and dancing will become physiologically impossible. Or, once she starts wet cleaning her house or washing her clothes, she will get into these processes so much that she will wipe down objects literally until holes show. And, if she begins yearning, then she can sink to the bottom of her sufferings so deeply that she will easily drive herself to real depression. Тhis characteristic can also be expressed in, at first glance, seemingly strange little things. For example: as it gets dark outside, this woman sits and watches how she and everything around her gradually gets plunged into darkness. Sometimes she is so caught up in the process of gradual acceleration with subsequent movement forward that she becomes inadequate from the point of view of other people.

Above-mentioned internal algorithm can be traced in many other situations, in all factors: when drawn into some process, a woman born on March 20th of leap years starts participating in it more and more actively. And, what is noteworthy is that having received a stimulus from the environment, the process itself is sometimes not very important for her—much more important is her own above described advancement at an increasing speed, increase in the depth of immersion in it, the degree of her own involvement that is expressed in powerful advancement.

This woman is inclined to overdo everything, to manifest herself in many actions: many problems, tons of things to do, many contacts and so on. For example, she can have fun indefinitely, quarrel a lot and create many scandals with relish, and if she is to snatch something, then it must resemble a snow-plow. As for problems—she has many for herself and for others; as the saying goes, over the top. Any vector of activity in the life of this person resembles a snowball rolling down a mountain.

However, there is certain specificity here—this woman is not only from the category of those people, about whom others say: “She went haywire,” but also it is considered absolutely unnecessary for her to participate in those processes, which are exclusively constructive for her and other people. On the contrary, she will destroy, disintegrate with exactly the same desperate zeal as when she was creating something. Many of her actions can be described as utilization. In simple terms, this individual is a peculiar grave digger, who is capable of burying anything or anyone. She has another pronounced quality: by nature she is an extremist. She can realize this peculiarity of hers with great success in fields where there are extraordinary incidents. For this reason, the sphere of application of her professional skills includes all fields, in which extreme situations are present; for example, she can work as a rescuer at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or as a firefighter. She is drawn to those places, which are dangerous to her own life—for example, earthquake areas, where it is necessary to save people. However, the thing is that if there are no such situations, no one to save from under piles, then a woman born on March 20th of leap years will create them with her own hands. And, it is difficult to stop her in this process; the end can come only if she herself will turn out to be under ruins, which emerged as a result of her own actions. Due to the presence of this algorithm in her life, from time to time one can observe situations of complete breakdown in lives of this woman and people around her. Therefore, no matter how it is perceived by others or from the standpoint of ordinary logic, it is perfectly normal for her to get married just in order to slowly and surely destroy her family life or at least to try. And, she has a set of certain methods for this and they are peculiar only to her. One of them is that she is inclined to express her own right to the status of the head of the family in an extremely angry way. As a result, having created a scandal for her husband and slamming the door loudly—she leaves. And, she is not in a hurry to get back. This way, maybe in place of her family—only fragments of “former happiness” will be left… By the way, in case when she slams the door yet again, her husband should look for her not at her lovers’ places, but at her parents’ and girlfriends houses because that is where she goes to discuss how she should live going forward. And, this is despite that all these “analytical gatherings” not only irritate her even more, but also do not bring any practical benefits as she will continue to act at random. Usually such “analytical” work ends with disappointment and a thoughtless stare into the distance in hopes of seeing something in the future, but it is unclear what…”

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