Description Of Women Born On March 13th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on March 13th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“Considered individual can be compared to the Antarctic, the pole—in essence, the “center of the universe,” from which everything begins and where everything ends. It is not surprising that a woman born on March 13th of leap years is clearly egocentric since, as it is known, a compass is calibrated based on the earth’s poles! She feels that she is one of these poles, and since all roads lead to Rome—they must all lead to her as to a peculiar center of the universe. In fact, this woman’s sense of self is that of a type of a post that represents zero miles, a mark, from which the count begins. This quality is manifested in all factors. With her family, for example, it is expressed in that she expects that all members of the household (except, perhaps, children) are obligated, first of all, to consider and take into account her needs and desires, and only then remember their own. How else? After all, as it seems to her, everything revolves around her! She is the compass for everyone! In this case, a compass is a person, who indicates the direction, the course and is a walking pointer (“You go here, and you go there!”), who determines actions, movement of other people. Maybe it is due to such sense of self that she constantly recommends something to someone, instructs, commands in various forms, manages, and directs. Such behavior is combined with another one of her peculiarities: if she, so to speak, trapped someone (something), that is—took for personal use, considered her own, then it will be impossible to get him/her (it) out of her hands by any means! This quality makes her related to an octopus, which has spread its tentacles and now firmly holds its prey.

A woman born on March 13th of leap years is not just the center of the universe, but also, at a minimum, is the Queen of Sheba. In fact, it is necessary for the considered person to somehow differ from the general gray mass, “the herd” around her. After all, any herd is kept in some enclosure, within limits, while by nature this person is extremely proud, audacious, unrestricted, daring, and self-willed. She has a very despotic character, along with all related peculiarities. On the one hand: “Everybody stand up, drop down and squeeze! Put the money on the table!” And, on the other hand: “Everybody dance, I will treat you!” Wastefulness, generosity, and petty tyranny are woven together. This can manifest all the way to a lack of all restraint and outright rudeness towards others. So what? Nothing is shameful for a great person, whom she considers herself. Everything is forgivable! Especially since she does not quite know what shyness is. Quite often, she allows herself to behave arrogantly due to, at times, a hypertrophied sense of self-worth. Sometimes, she behaves defiantly. Therefore, artificial limits invented by someone are absolutely of no use to her. Moreover, the considered individual perceives herself as a person, who is capable of a lot. She considers herself an outstanding person, and, in principle, it is not so important to her what to be outstanding in: beauty, talents, strength, mind, power, wealth, or something else. It does not matter whether to become a coryphaeus of literature or a war hero, an influential person or even a gangster “moll.” Any means are good—the main thing is to not be a worthless, gray person, one among many. Therefore, no matter what turn her life takes, regardless of what environment she is in—she will strive to go beyond the average statistical variant. The question is: how is it possible to do this? She thinks that the most effective ways are the following. The first one is to do something heroic, some deed or a series of deeds, which will bring her the status of an unusual, unordinary woman. And, as it is known, there are no heroes in “a herd.” That is why quite often, she plans something along the lines of the famous character Baron Munchausen: “Every day between noon and dinnertime I will perform a feat!” As an individual who is not bound by conventionalities, a woman born on March 13th of leap years is always ready for, so to speak, a mighty gust. (All that can let her down in this pursuit are set life routes, which will be discussed below.) …”

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