Description Of Women Born On March 19th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on March 19th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“Considered person has a stable desire to have her own family. Whatever it takes. A woman born on March 19th of leap years seeks family life, family coziness. However, this woman wants to make a family not as some kind of formal or semi-formal union, but to create a union based on deep mutual understanding between spouses, who would be almost inseparable from each other. She wants this marriage to last a lifetime, according to the principle: “They lived happily ever after, and died on the same day.”

Although this tendency, by and large, is only a manifestation of her basic motivation: to realize the principle of pairing, as the desire to have two copies of everything, to do everything in a pair with someone. Therefore, this tendency is traceable throughout her life. For example, in the physical factor, this woman seeks to have several interchangeable and sometimes even identical clothing items in her wardrobe. As far as selection of dresses, shoes, accessories, or any other elements of her appearance—she also uses the above principle, in the sense that her spouse, boyfriend, lover, the one who makes her pair must necessarily be involved in the search and the purchasing process. And, during this process, she usually acquires not one, but two pairs of shoes; the same applies to stockings, heels, dresses, and so on. The following peculiarity of her personality is closely related to the desire of this woman to always be in a pair with someone: she constantly tries to “tie” someone to herself, whether it is one of her friends, children, or a future husband.

This aspiration manifests in actions directed at connecting with a person whom she chose by creating a dependency on her. By doing this (that is—by tying and uniting with someone), this person organizes the process of their interaction in such a way that they can do the maximum number of things in this tandem: sets a common goal, assigns responsibilities to each, synchronizes actions of partners, and so on. These might be house chores, which are divided between spouses or a parent and a child, where one does laundry, irons, vacuums, cleans and washes the floors, and the other does grocery shopping, cooks, cleans the kitchen; or something else, for example, work related processes, common business, and so on.

A woman born on March 19th of leap years seeks to be always young, fresh, blooming, bright, flawless, and brilliant. The environment in which she resides and everything in that environment must correspond as well. The aspiration of this woman to adhere to such concept is expressed in her appearance (she is always well groomed, styles her hair and dresses according to the latest fashion trend) and in much more. For example, in her speech. She thinks that not only the form should be beautiful and graceful, but the content of her self-expression through speech must also be of high style. This is expressed not only in the beauty of syllable and elegance of verbal cobwebs, but also in that she actively declares ideals of goodness, beauty, humanism, world peace, and so on. In the intellectual factor, as well as in her general behavior, in any situation this person seeks to adhere to the style of women’s salons of the century before last, in which enlightened ladies of noble blood played musical instruments, declared poetry, prose, displayed their own artwork. In short, the style of aristocracy is very close to her, and an aristocrat, as it is known, will be an aristocrat everywhere, always and in everything. Therefore, this woman’s requirements, manners, behavior are similar in all other factors. For example, the nutritional factor. It can hardly be assumed that an aristocrat, or a person who aspires to be an aristocrat, would agree to have food in some cheap cafeteria, where the air is full of disgusting miasmas: sour cabbage soup, stale food or lumpens sitting at neighboring tables; or that she would dine at a table covered with a piece of paper with thick pieces of sausage served on it instead of a clean table with nicely served food. That is very unlikely. And, this is exactly what happens with this woman: situations mentioned above might result in loss of appetite or refusal to eat in such conditions. In her case, even a common and loved by many event like barbeque out in the nature might cause her displeasure: “Smoke, dirt, peasant-like style! Yuck!” However, she has high demands not only to the outside world, but also to herself: she always strives to be the best, to know everything, to be able to do everything, to have time for everything. A woman born on March 19th of leap years strives for perfection. Using the language of psychology, she has a high motivation for achievement, seeks to reach the peak in everything that she engages in. In principle, she is not interested in all intermediate stages, in stages from zero to the last one. The main thing is to turn up at the top. At any cost…”

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