Description Of Men Born On May 21st Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on May 21st of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on May 21st of common years presents himself as a deity in a luxurious radiance: warm, sunny, ideal. However, this does not mean that he sits around in idleness because he thinks that he is “the best.” Having imperialistic ambitions, he knows how to defend them in competitive fighting—there is nothing he enjoys more than competing with someone who is smarter (more handsome, rich, professional, etc.). He must get the first place always and everywhere. In such “races,” he will make every effort to prove that he is the best. In order to be number one, in addition to “races” in the environment, he also takes cares of making the needed impression. This man is seriously preoccupied with creating a “bright image,” a mirage. He seeks to ensure that others perceive him as kind, impeccable, noble, straightforward, frank, openhearted…

A huge amount of energy is spent to ensure that secret sides of his nature (passion for intriguery, insidiousness, malignity, extreme greediness, dissoluteness, etc.) never surface and become known to someone. He prefers the image of a holy righteous man, a monk, immaculate as Jesus or any other analogous prophet. On the outside, he is smiling, optimistic, well-groomed, well-brought-up (it is even possible to say that he is tender in communication), well-meaning. In short, he is light and pleasant. Usually, his voice is also very pleasant: quiet, polite. Although he might look delicate and pampered, it is not recommended to anyone to mistake him for a soft and comfortable pillow; especially because he is really not like that at all. Quiet voice, angelic appearance, the mask of a simpleton, a well-meaning jollier—all this is for the poor. These are his conscious attempts to seem better, a tool for getting what he wants. And, he always clearly knows what he wants and knows how to calculate the variants of getting the desired. This is a realist, who firmly stands on the ground with both feet: business-minded, firm, and pragmatic. That is why one should not be surprised if at any moment his well-meaning, quiet voice suddenly changes to a confident, imperious voice, which makes clear, short statements, as if giving orders and a “soft pillow” turns into a judgmatic, insidious intriguer with а fierce face and eyes glistening of wrath.

This person thinks of himself as an ideal ruler: wise, kind, just, one who makes only the right decisions. A man born on May 21st of common years not only considers himself the head, the leader, but also actively insists on it (“Come on, everyone listen here!”) and sometimes turns into a dictator. Thinking that he has the correct perception of everything, knows everything and always, he assumes the role of a judge, who evaluates, judges, determines and issues a verdict. In general, he takes on too much, thinking that he has the right not only to spread, but also to impose his personal views on others by edifying, moralizing and telling people how they should live. Without any embarrassment, he can intervene in the life of another, allegedly driven by an aspiration to safeguard from the evil, “to put down something soft to fall on,” to protect, to aid, to support someone. It might seem that he simply wants to care, cherish, foster, provide patronage, guard, but in reality all this occurs only with one goal—to subjugate everyone. Even his help, even his support can often take place in the form of a dictate. Besides, by nature he is not a bad jailer, and therefore he will easily make a golden cage for anyone, and all this will be done quietly, peacefully, unnoticeably.

With all his might, this man seeks to ensure that life would constantly surprise him, would be supernatural, eccentric, strange and incredible, would amaze him by originality of the occurring and would be similar to a world of wonders. He is persistently drawn to the world of bright shows, outlandish illusions, lies and masks, to the world of great fraudsters, where the hero is the one who deludes masterfully and brilliantly plays a trick on all the rest. He is also drawn to the world of casinos and good fortune, the world of exciting thrillers, mysticism, the world of the eccentric, the world of unusual, weird forms. First of all, a world of show-business (theater, film, television, circus) can become such a world; a world of tricks, strange and absurd escapades; or science, with its unsolvable puzzles and insane theories; or the world of aristocracy and nobility, where every day there are dazzling receptions in various places with people of all sorts and kinds. Or jurisprudence—since that is also nothing but a show, lies, masks. He is also interested in the world of paranormal phenomena: extrasensory experts, magicians, werewolves, mages, evil spirits, nightmares and secrets. A man born on May 21st of common years is attracted by any unorthodox, outlandish, fantastic, original teachings. And, it does not matter if they have neither meaning, nor a word of truth because that is exactly what attracts him—lies and trumpery…”

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