Description Of Men Born On May 29th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on May 29th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on May 29th of leap years perceives himself as the beginning, the prime cause, the basis of occurring processes. While studying and learning about the world, he seeks to find the only keystone, on which all creation stands. When he comes across something, he tries to understand the origin of the phenomenon, the basis of knowledge, system. In principle, this person might be interested in any scientific, philosophical, esoteric, religious system. However, in the process of examining any issue (an idea, a ​​civilization, a professional field, or a cultural trend), this person wants to get to the fundamental principle, try to find the foundation stone of the whole “construction,” and he will certainly be interested in who, when and how founded all this.

Being a fan of the ancient secrets, in his search for the prime cause this person might be interested in ancient writings, look for them in rare editions of books, and might begin to study hieroglyphic texts. While studying any culture, this person will go centuries back, into the mythological layer during his search for the fundamental principle.

This person strictly separates the hidden and the external, the secret and the overt, and believes in miracles. It is his faith in what is called “miracles” (without really fitting this definition) that can significantly help him in the search of what he is looking for because it provides a possibility to go beyond narrow-minded views, materialistic thinking and strictly scientific standpoints.

This individual is a successor of ancestral heritage, doings of the fathers. A man born on May 29th of leap years might inherit his father’s business, or continue the work of founders of some system: scientific, social, cultural, philosophical or any other. However, his personal construction anyway will be based on heritage of founders of the system, just like the Third Reich, was built on ancestral heritage (Aryans). Moreover, he considers it his obligation, his duty to continue, to strengthen in society the undertaking, which the founding fathers began. This man’s dream is to start some big affair for the descendants.

Especially with age, this man will have his own style, and carry himself with dignity and grace. He likes to look flawless, perfect both externally and internally. By his qualities, he might remind of the French king Louis XIV, who was also known as the Sun King due to duality of nature and the level, to which he surrounded himself with luxury. In history, he remained unsurpassed in terms of inventiveness in the field of entertainment, as an owner of a vast imagination, excessive luxury in regard to everything: himself, his court and palace, receptions, and entertainment events. Considered individual likes to behave royally, patronizingly and grandly. Also, as the above-mentioned king, he gravitates toward luxury.

The following statement can be considered his principal philosophy: “It’s better to be first and best always.” In addition, this person really wants to try to “embrace the boundless”: research everything, try everything, visit all places, see everything, and know everything. And, he wishes to have a lot of everything, whether it is money, knowledge, friends, baseball caps, information, diamonds, women or mansions. If he decides to buy a “small house,” then he thinks that it must be the size of the Hermitage Museum; if he decides to buy a car, then it must be the most expensive one; if he studies, then he thinks that he must learn and know everything. However, this man’s desire for luxury is a particular case of his general tendency toward excessiveness.

He does everything without moderation, and when something captures his attention, whether it is work, a person, an event, some action or state—he cannot stop and rushes headlong into it, as if internal brakes do not exist. He thinks that if he is to love, then it must be completely, to hate—with his whole heart, to be bored—desperately, and to fight—until a kill. If it is intellectual work, then it must continue until mental exhaustion; physical exercise—as long as possible; food consumption—until overeating; emotions—until an emotional peak, affect; sex—until a state of madness and satiety; work—to workaholism; career—to maximum social heights. Even the state of lack of money this man is able to bring to desperate poverty. A man born on May 29th of leap years does not have a good understanding of words ‘sufficient’, ‘plenty’, ‘enough’…”

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