Description Of Women Born On May 10th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on May 10th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“In the intellectual sphere, a woman born on May 10th of common years is always concerned about something, all sort of strangely mixed-up, all in а continuous fluster. She is all trembling, anxious, worried about others, herself, anything and everything. This woman never feels calm, safe and considers actions of people around her as constant attacks on her, accusations, aggressive pretensions. She feels that she is “a scapegoat,” a target for ridicule and that all people who simply feel like it—maltreat her due to her feminine weakness. As it seems to her, she is always the one at fault, every person tries to offend, to humiliate her, and therefore she is always playing the role of “I’m a poor, miserable!” Although she herself loves and knows how to offend, mock, and especially tease. Rather, all above-mentioned actions of others that are directed at her—she provokes herself. First of all, she does this in order to complain plenty after and say: “Here we go again, I’m being blamed!” and to accuse everyone around that they are offending her, and are not only tying her to the house, family and children, but also are making a laughing-stock out of her. This woman does this because she loves to present herself as an unskilled, awkward person, who acts irrelevantly, constantly makes mistakes, etc.

This individual often considers herself “a blowball”—blow on it and it will disperse. She regularly demonstrates her helplessness, defenselessness, ineptitude and keeps saying that she feels that she is in danger, that “the world is so cruel.” Actually, such behavior on her part is used to show others and, first of all, to show a man, her husband that she needs support, guarding, protection, and, of course, financial support; and, in the end, under the slogan “Let’s do everything all together, as a family”—to get him to actually work for her. Especially while children are small, she thinks that their father and/or her husband is simply obligated not only to participate in joint nurturing and upbringing, but also to create the most favorable material conditions for her and the children. Anxiety and bustling are also connected with a huge number of things to do, which she herself arranges for herself in her life.

Her life can be compared to a crossword puzzle in a newspaper, which contains an unthinkable number of words, but instead of words she has things to do… And, this crossword puzzle has no end. A characteristic peculiarity of this individual is that she always finds a huge pile of things to do, concerns and problems, from which she literally bursts at the seams. On the outside, in some sense she is very similar to an ordinary-looking small gray sparrow, which constantly rushes about and fusses, while flying from one place to another: pecks a worm here, a grain there and flies on…  A woman born on May 10th of common years is like a sparrow: from morning until night she travels short (duration and distance wise), absorbed in affairs and concerns, and she does all this with a fuss, faster and faster, jumps from one thing to another. “An early bird gets the god’s hand,” she thinks, and that is why from early morning she is on her feet. And, it all begins: she fusses and bustles about, runs around, appears here and there, makes phone calls, wipes one child’s nose, puts something into another child’s mouth, stirs something that is cooking on the stove during the breaks, irons her husband’s shirt at the last moment just before he needs to leave. An observer might get dizzy from her fussing around. And, in the end she says: “Oh, I don’t even have time to drink coffee…” or “Oops, somehow I forgot to wash my face…” This happens because she likes to complain, to whine that she is locked at home, all the housework falls on her, and in addition everything is bad, everything hurts—it is a nightmare! This woman “lives through her eyes”: she sees something and then flies there with all her might. The bustling of this woman also consists in that it is necessary for her to go away somewhere constantly. However, these must be nearby, short distances from her home. To rush to the other end of not only the world, but even town or neighborhood in which she lives, to travel, to fly, to sail somewhere far—all this is uncomfortable for her. Going to the other side of town or traveling to another country—these actions are equally problematic for this women. All long-distance flights are not for her. Therefore, she does not travel for prolonged periods of time or far from where her nest, her home, her favorite nestlings are.

However, love and attachment of this woman to her “nest” do not lead to cleanliness and order in her house: there is trash everywhere, things are scattered all over the place. It feels like she was just about to clean everything up, but something interrupted the process. Actually, for this woman the state “it is necessary to clean up” never ends or rather it never becomes a real action. A woman born on May 10th of common years is not a very good homemaker: she is unable to not only clean up, but even to prepare a delicious meal…”

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