Description Of Women Born On May 20th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on May 20th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on May 20th of common years presents herself as a deity in a luxurious radiance: warm, sunny, ideal. This woman has a royal attitude and psychology of an empress. Striving for power is a natural state for her because, as she believes, power is money, and all this combined is the basis, the essence of her life space. Her life goal is to make everyone and everything submit to her. It is desirable for power to be total, so that it would be possible to control not only people’s actions, but also their thoughts and desires.

Naturally, she considers herself an ideal ruler (wise, kind, just, one who makes only the right decisions, etc.). However, this does not mean that she sits around in idleness because she thinks that she is “the best.” Having imperialistic ambitions, she knows how to defend them in competitive fighting. She must get the first place always and everywhere. In such “races,” this woman will make every effort to prove that she is the best. In order to be number one, in addition to “races” in the environment, she takes cares of making the needed impression—this makes her way to power easier, which in its turn allows her to maintain any image that she likes.

This woman is seriously preoccupied with creating a “bright image,” a kind of mirage. She thoroughly makes sure that others perceive her as kind, beautiful, impeccable, and noble. She seeks to look straightforward, openhearted, frank, and open like a flower during the flowering period. A huge amount of energy is spent to ensure that secret sides of her nature never surface and become known to someone. She prefers the image of a holy righteous woman.

On the outside she is smiling, optimistic, well-groomed and tidy, well-brought-up, it is even possible to say that she is tenderly well-meaning and easy in communication. Her voice is usually very pleasant, quiet, and polite. A woman born on May 20th of common years looks delicate and pampered, but it is not recommended to anyone to mistake her for a soft, comfortable pillow. Quiet voice and angelic appearance, the mask of a polished aristocrat—all this is a beautiful cover and her conscious attempts to appear irresistibly attractive in all respects. And, there are always plenty of lovers of the beautiful. This woman sets the price herself and it is quite high.

She always clearly knows what she wants and calculates the variants of getting it quite well. This woman is a realist and she firmly stands on the ground with both feet. She is a woman of business—firm and pragmatic. Therefore, at any moment her angelic voice can change to a confident voice, which makes clear, short statements, as if giving orders, and a delicate violet turns into a judgmatic and insidious intriguer or аn imperious, fierce fury with eyes glistening of wrath. Multi-faced metamorphoses (pretending) are usual and natural for her because she was born with an amazing gift of transformations. For example, she is able to play a role of a beautiful, submissive lady absolutely accurately. However, this does not mean that in this role she supports or is satisfied by other people’s ideas, desires, and decisions. On the contrary, she alone always sets the rules of the game!

This person not only considers herself the head, the leader, but also actively insists on it, while turning into a dictator. She thinks that she knows everything and always. She often assumes the role of a judge, who evaluates someone or something, judges, determines and issues a verdict. As a result of being fully convinced that she is always right, she tries to impose her views on others, edify, moralize and tell them how to live. She intervenes in the lives of others and explains this by that she wants to safeguard from evil, to protect, to make sure that nothing bad happens, and seeks to aid, support someone. She shows that she cares about someone, helps someone, cherishes, fosters, and provides patronage. However, sometimes all this occurs in the form of a dictate, with a stern, imposing look, and a clear and conscious goal—to subjugate everyone.

This woman is a careerist. Career is a mandatory element in her life. And, if there is at least a minimal possibility to make it—she will work on it. A woman born on May 20th of common years needs a career in order to realize her aptitudes, to get money, fame, and, most importantly, power. A career not only helps her self-realize in some activity, but also to obtain all possible ranks, awards, medals, titles, prestigious prizes, which she finds very attractive, as well as to receive material resources to satisfy all of her pretensions that are very far from modest. Having an immeasurable passion for luxury, this woman serves “the golden calf” with pleasure and sometimes reaches near orgasmic pleasure from possession of material wealth…”

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