Description Of Women Born On May 27th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on May 27th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A characteristic peculiarity of a woman born on May 27th of common years is that she constantly changes little by little. Her changes cannot be defined as sharp. Their algorithm is more like performance of a ritual or a diplomatic reception, where everything happens slowly, without a fuss, and all actions are made with a sense of personal dignity. As a consequence, these changes are almost unnoticeable by others. However, this is not the point. The point is that changes are stably present in her life. And, if there are people, who see (or want to see) a static world in their imagination—this person is constantly involved in internal changes.

All factors of this person work according to this principle—timely (in regard to a situation) changes, and resemble a bird that calmly soars in the sky: its wings practically do not move, but it does not stand still in one place since air masses themselves move it. Only instead of wind and air currents, she has a variety of events, situations from the outside world.

This woman is very situational. Firstly, she always seeks to ensure that in this constantly changing, fluid world she could flexibly integrate into a situation, smoothly “flow into” it. And, she succeeds in this perfectly well. It is not without reason that out of all elements this woman loves water the most. Like water, when she enters a particular field of business or society, she herself changes and inevitably changes something around her, and all this happens quietly and unnoticeably. Her quality of a classifier, who judges everything by analogy, on the basis of examples (historical, cultural, philosophical, anthropological, in other words—how someone once did something , what he said in regard to a particular topic, etc.) helps her in this. She identifies a common sign of similarity, takes that as a model, copies and becomes similar, alike, uniform with the situation. Secondly, she always chooses the right time. This happens without a hurry, slowly, purposefully, but without too much waiting, too many protractions or preparations. She changes her rhythm, speed quietly and smoothly, depending on events, people, and situations. As a result, she is always on time, always fits in well. She will not swim against the current.

This person differs by yet another important characteristic. A woman born on May 27th of common years stably strives to be in reality instead of living in illusions. She thinks realistically, she is interested in specific affairs, projects that can be implemented. These undertakings will eventually be beneficial, bring tangible dividends. She does not understand useless actions, meaningless body movements.

This person has a subjective view of herself as a person, who is impossible to get ahead of by definition. And, it is necessary to give her credit, as she really does strive to become unattainable by her competitors with all her might! Due to her positive attitude towards work, goal-orientedness, perseverance and persistence, she really does manage to become a very good specialist in any chosen field.

Also, authorities do not exist for her. She herself claims the pedestal, especially in issues that relate to her professional sphere. At the same time, she demands respect, preferably with a touch of worship. These demands do not affect her learning and desire to perfect. As a result, over the years, as she accumulates vast experience, she really turns into a cultured professional, an educated person, who knows a lot and knows how to do a lot. However, there is danger of becoming literally obsessed with the idea of self-perfecting and getting hung up on herself as a super valuable object.

This woman does not believe that geniuses are born. From her point of view, it is unlikely that mastery can come to person without any efforts on his part. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks like this.

A woman born on May 27th of common years wants to know absolutely clearly what she is doing and for what. That is—she has a habit of acting maximally consciously. This approach bears its fruits—when she begins to do something, she already has stable motives. And, while she executes, she tries to ensure that later on it would not be possible to accuse her of imperfection, lack of knowledge of the issue, negligence, stupidity, dilettantism, etc…”

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