Description Of Men Born On November 26th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on November 26th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on November 26th of leap years can be characterized as a person, who manages the processes of life and death as such. In order to understand this quality, one can recall Japanese samurai, whose custom included trying out new swords on some representatives of lower classes (for example, peasants). Sometime in the night, at an intersection, a samurai waited for a peasant and saw how good his sword was by cutting the poor fellow in half. However, one would never think this by looking at this person. He is kind, attentive, hearted, loving, generous, sincere, loyal, and reliable. And, he is always ready to not only talk, but also to actually prove these qualities by any means necessary. This good-natured, kind and well-mannered laggard does not seek to rudely insist on anything, but rather takes over through persuasions and convictions. And, he does this artlessly, in a simple way. He exhorts and persuades quietly and calmly, but sometimes so recitatively that it reminds of buzzing of an insect. Sometimes due to this other people might suspect that he is dullish and gets carried away by the process. This occurs especially when he is in a state of meditative contemplation of, for example, falling snow or gloomy charm of the Indian summer in the middle of autumn, when it is as if all nature dies in flaming crimson colors on the threshold of the onset of winter… Falling leaves blown by the wind and rustling of leaves under his feet bring pacification to this person’s soul… By his essence he reminds of Dr. Lecter (the famous character from an American film titled Silence of the Lambs)—a quiet and polite killer, who was a great connoisseur of the arts from the point of view that he could make soups and roasts out of musicians, and then generously and whole-heartedly treat his many friends to these dishes. Just like this character, he will carefully ask his guests about how the pate turned out without mentioning that it was made from human liver; he will remain nice, polite, and honor his opponents in civilized communication.

However, it would not be correct to define this individual as a quiet, friendly and romantic killer—a man born on November 26th of leap years is rather a killer and a savior at the same time. There are several variants here. If he gets into an environment, in which he is constantly faced with death of living beings (either people, or animals, plants, etc.) and attends to or organizes some processes, in which life depends on his professionalism and ability to timely and effectively provide assistance—then he can be a lifesaver. However, if for some reason a similar situation is not present in his life, then he can stand on the other side of the barricades—on the side of death. In any case, his purpose will be to intervene in the processes of life and death as a struggle between two equivalent values ​​in the universe. And, it is wrong to consider this intervention in terms of that he is an apologist for one or the other. Rather, he seeks to manage death at his sole discretion and make it so that he has power over this phenomenon. He seeks to have a sensation of another’s life in his hands. And, for the sake of this sensation he is ready to fight with death and life with an equal force and zeal. This person manages to gain deep insight into a person or a situation where it smells like death: he can be an intensivist, an oncologist working with hopelessly sick (especially children), a clinical psychiatrist or a rescuer at an Emergency Management Agency. This person considers death a normal, natural phenomenon and due to the nature of his activities he is in the process of as if ensuring life with death. Having no fear of it, he seeks to be present in borderline circumstances, in which life and death fight and one of them wins. This peculiarity causes him to constantly be present in the midst of some extreme circumstances: zones of accidents and disasters—there where death is present. He can participate in rescuing of victims of a plane crash or an earthquake by digging them up. He will selflessly fight death being an intensivist, a paramedic working as part of emergency medical services on an ambulance or a firefighter, who carries living beings out of burning houses. However, just as intensely he will do everything in order to squeeze out all vital energy and health if he comes across a person, who is strong and healthy as a bull. He can make anyone think about death. In addition, his relaxed attitude towards both processes makes him a messenger of death, who not only can bring the sore news to many “on his wings,” but also can support the family and relatives of the deceased: listen to all their moaning and crying, talk to them in a friendly and plaintive way, and calm them down. On the other hand, when standing on the side of life, he is always very glad when he manages to conquer death by his personal efforts. Another side of this person’s constant interaction with death can be his own passion for creation of extreme situations in his life, in which he will play with death. This can be a dangerous profession (for example, a stuntman in movies) or a dangerous sport as a hobby. A man born on November 26th of leap years can actively seek adventures and intentionally test his strength in long hiking trips or hostilities. Wandering around in the jungle, going on trips to the wilderness, taking unbeaten paths, storming mountain peaks and freezing all possible parts of his body—all this is for him…”

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