Description Of Women Born On November 10th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on November 10th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“By nature a woman born on November 10th of common years is a leader, who is always eager to be in the front rows and stand at the head of all and everything. She thinks that it would be good to get to the very top of the social ladder, to highest echelons of power (for example, become a government official). However, if she occupies less prominent positions, she does not let the managerial helm out of her hands. She is not only capable of dominating, while defending her status, but also gets a certain pleasure from the process itself. However, she is a peculiar leader, who is primarily engaged in self-advertising and probably thinks that it helps raise authority. Moreover, she thinks that the following saying is not for nothing: “If you don’t praise yourself—no one will praise you.” Self-glorification is based on her self-perception, as she is convinced that she is the most beautiful and intelligent, a person of the highest moral standards, noble and sublime, and so on. As befits a true leader, this person considers herself an exemplary individual without flaws, who is worthy of being a model for others. It seems to her that she is without blemish, pure, flawless, brilliant, beautiful, and perfect (especially when it comes to ethics and morality). Therefore, she wants notoriety, fame, popularity and honor at once!

A characteristic peculiarity of this woman is that she struggles to adorn herself and everything around her, but this does not prevent her from carrying out her main function: to lead her “army” of subordinates, students, followers and so on. Showing the way and being a guide for someone are actions, which are part of her mission. At the same time, she is the keeper of rituals and traditions. A woman born on November 10th of common years is an energetic, active, studious, etc. leader. However, she has one particular quality, which very few can resist: she does everything absorbedly, with genuine interest. This quality is extremely contagious to others and her enthusiasm is like honey to bees, which attracts them to activities, in which she engages. This is how she captivates others. There are also other levers of influence in her management toolkit. For example, one of them is that if this woman wants to hook, frazzle out someone or make someone’s life difficult, then she is capable of doing it like a virtuoso, truly masterfully.

Also, she has many faces. The thing is that another characteristic peculiarity of this person is that she collects qualities; in this case she collects roles and face. In purely practical sense she needs this in order to have a large number of behavioral clichés; each face realizes its version of behavior. This woman is very concerned with the question of how one must behave in a particular situation: when to smile, how to act, and so on. And, with such a “collection” this question is easily solved—she constructs a face depending on requirements of the environment. Moreover, she is very talented in making all sorts of grimaces and states on her face.

However, the nature of this leader is very contradictory, and here is why. Despite that she does not at all have a low opinion of herself, one of the characteristic peculiarities of this individual is that she always suspects that she is wrong about something. This woman is literally consumed by painful suspicions in relation to herself. She is endlessly tormented by thoughts that she failed to fully understand something or did not use something fully. It constantly seems to her that she did not do what she could have done or did not do enough, or, for example, made the wrong decision to put some task aside. Despite her desire to act according to a system, in order, to do things thoroughly, to check and double-check—periodically she begins to suspect that she got confused and that eventually led her to a mistake or mistakes. On the one hand, she is one of those people about whom others say: “wise after the event.” However, on the other hand, her behavior is odd: she checks and rechecks everything with excessive eagerness beyond all reasonable limits, returns to that what was already done and tries to analyze all of her actions. And, all this can result in a real phobia. Either way, such, to put it mildly, not very confident behavior leads to serious rushing about, which in turn leads to that from a self-confident woman, who acts systematically she transforms into a chaotically rushing about individual and creates a complete mess all around her. From absorbed and cheerful she becomes apathetic and gloomy; from friendly she transforms into rude and arrogant; from being polite and educated she becomes a person, who unceremoniously violates all the laws of civilized communication. During this period she becomes extremely contradictory. For example, first she runs somewhere headlong, sweeping away everything in her way, and then stands still and it is impossible to move her from her spot. First, she has a phenomenal ability to work, and then she is extremely lazy. First, a woman born on November 10th of common years is sociable, but then she clams up, puffs her cheeks and does not want to see or hear anyone, and from gentle and well-wishing turns into aggressive. All these actions undermine her stability and, as a result (in spite of her conviction that she knows where to go herself and where to lead others), she is often like a caterpillar, which started thinking about how to move its huge number of feet and could no longer make a single step. Her doubts about correctness of her actions lead to a similar effect…”

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